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There are many games out there that encompass a dystopian feel, the BioShock series encompasses it too.

Read on to see the facts about the BioShock Games!

The BioShock series is a set of first-person shooter and survival horror video games, which were developed by Irrational Games and 2K Marin. They have been released on Xbox 360 and reissued on PS3.

Development of the Game

The games were inspired by many dystopian texts such as Animal Farm by George Orwell.

In interviews, creators have revealed that they have had interests in biological research and the surrounding moral issues.

Developers claim that that it is a spiritual successor to the System Shock games.

The games follow the exploits of what happens in the fictional underwater city, Rapture, and its society.

BioShock was produced in 2007, where the protagonist Jack explores Rapture. The antagonist of the game is Atlas, the guide, who reveals himself to be criminal mastermind, Frank Fontaine.

The first game gives the player a moral choice when attacking the enemies known as, Little Sisters, who are young girls which are genetically altered and conditioned to retrieve ADAM. ADAM is a substance found in sea slugs, which plasmids are created from, and which can overwrite genetic material.

Goals of Bioshock

The Sisters are protected by the Big Daddies, which are humans who have been spliced into atmospheric diving suits.

You can simply kill the Little Sisters and harvest the ADAM, or you can remove it safely, leaving her alive.

This has an impact on how the game ends. If you decide to safely remove all the ADAM from the Little Sisters, Jack then takes them to the surface where he looks after them as they attempt to live ordinary lives.

Kill one, and by the end, Jack will have harvested all the Sisters.

The Little Sisters seemingly have relations. These are the Big Sisters, who are post-pubescent and unstable. They have natural affinity for the powers which the ADAM creates, due to their bodies adapting with it inside them as children.

Splicers are insane infantry humanoids with mutated powers.

BioShock 2

BioShock 2 takes an interesting turn of events as the protagonist is Johnny Topside, who discovered Rapture.

He is known throughout as Subject Delta, as he became the first Big Daddy to successfully bond to his Little Sister.

The antagonist of this game is Dr Sofia Lamb, a psychiatrist and the new leader of Rapture.

During the games the player collects upgradeable weapons and “plasmids”, which are DNA molecules, which give you various abilities such as increased speed.

Many recovery items are scattered along the way such as health phials and recording equipment, which show to the player the back-story of the game.

BioShock: Infinite

BioShock: Infinite was released on March 26, 2013. This game is set in the fictional city in the sky, Columbia. The game is not a direct prequel or sequel in the series.

The novel BioShock: Rapture was published in 2011, and follows events and facts up to the start of the first game.

Many companies were interested in making a film of BioShock, but director Gore Verbinski has recently gone on record stating that a film is unlikely to be funded, due to the dark themes of the game.

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