A Brief History Of Fanta

Facts About Fanta
Luke Ward
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Fanta started back in the World War II days when a trading ban was placed on Germany by the Allies.

The Coca-Cola Company wasn’t able to import the syrup needed to produce Coca-Cola in Germany.

Dr Schetelig decided to create a new product for the German market instead of Coca-Cola which could be made using only ingredients available in Germany which at the time was mainly apple fiber and a by-product of cheese.

It tasted of orange and was yellow colored.

The name Fanta comes from ‘fantasie’ which is German for ‘imagination’.

And obviously the creator needed a good imagination to think that cheese and apple would make a good drink.

The name was chosen by a salesman called Joe Knipp.

The Coca-Cola Company liked this name and decided that’s its name.

Fanta was the second drink to be produced by Coca-Cola, the first being the original Coca-Cola.

Fanta Orange is the most popular flavor and it’s available in 180 different countries.

Also there are over 70 flavors worldwide.

Did you know that the name Fanta comes from "fantasie" which is German for "imagination"?

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  1. Maz 20 October 2014

    Hello Luke. I was wondering if you tell me who designed the first logo of Fanta? :-)