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Facts About Sprite



Sprite is the leading Lemon and Lime soft drink worldwide, a younger offshoot of the Coca-Cola branch, Sprite has existed for over 50 years to date.

Here are fourteen fresh, fast facts about everyone’s favorite Lymon fizzy drink.

Sprite is manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company.

Sprite was developed in West Germany in 1959 as ‘Fanta Klare Zitrone’ (Clear Lemon Fanta) and introduced to the United States as Sprite in 1961.

Fanta Klare Zitrone was renamed Sprite in West Germany in 1968.

Sprite was manufactured as Coca-Cola’s response to the popularity of 7 Up.

Sprite is available in more than 190 countries.

Sprite picked up popularity with teenagers in the 1980’s after several advertising campaigns targeted at teenagers.

Sprite describes the flavor of their drink as lymon, a mixture of both lemon and lime, and this has since become one of their key marketing terms.

In the 1990s, Sprite launched the ‘Jooky’ ad campaign, which poked fun at other soft drinks and their lack of authenticity and bandwagon-driven style of advertising, foremost among the competitive soft drinks mocked was Pepsi.

In 2000, graffiti artist Temper was hired by Sprite to create a limited edition design in celebration of the millennium that appeared on 100 million cans distributed across Europe.

In 2004, Coca-Cola created Miles Thirst, a vinyl doll voiced by Reno Wilson (the voice of Frenzy, Mudflap, and Brains from across the Transformers films) in order to exploit the hip-hop market to advertise their range of soft drinks.

A Sprite is also the name for a type of small goblin, which was also the focus of one of the U.K.’s more memorable Sprite adverts. The advert featured the taglines ‘Only One Sprite’s Right’ and ‘Get the Right Sprite’.

In 2012, Sprite was reformulated in France, removing 30% of the sugar and replacing it with the sweetener Stevia, lowering the total calorie count. This soon spread to the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands in 2013. The Stevia plant belongs to the chrysanthemum family and is native to Paraguay.

Over the years Sprite has had 17 variations worldwide, including: Sprite Zero, Sprite Remix, Sprite Blast, Sprite Ice, Sprite Duo, Sprite Super Lemon, Sprite Lemon Lime Herb, Sprite Recharge, Sprite Green, Sprite 3G, Sprite Cranberry, Sprite 6 Mix (aka Sprite LeBron’s Mix) and Sprite Tropical.

Sprite can help relieve some stomach pains, such as those caused by a gassy build-up. Carbonated beverages such as Sprite can cause you to burp and expel some of the gas, thus relieving you of your stomach pain.

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