A Few Funny Phobias You Probably Didn’t Know

Funny Phobias
Luke Ward
|1 min read

Are you scared of something? If so, congratulations you have a phobia!

I was wondering about some strange things to be scared of and then realized that they most probably have a name for them.

I can say that I have Acrophobia, which is to have a fear of heights.

Here are the scientific names for some common fears people have, you may already know some of them, but you may not.

Achluophobia – Fear of darkness.

Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders.

Arsonphobia – Fear of fire.

Aerophobia – Fear of flying.

Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns.

Dentophobia – Fear of dentists.

Then I found some funny fears to have and thought I would give my opinion to not let it bother you!

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth – Don’t eat peanut butter.

Barophobia is the fear of gravity – Get off this planet!

Neophobia is the fear of new things or ideas – I’d suggest building an “old” time machine and going back a few years.

Euphobia is the fear of hearing good news – Live all alone, have no contact with anyone else, don’t play the lottery and make sure your life is very miserable.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words – Don’t ask anyone what the scientific name is for the fear of long words.

Logizomechanophobia is the fear of computers – if you have this, please leave a comment explaining what the hell you’re doing reading this blog!

I know three people who have globophobia, which is the fear of balloons.

Birthday parties must have sucked as a kid with no balloons.

So if you know of anyone with a phobia, please leave a comment saying the scientific name or just what they’re scared of.

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

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  1. Chase 20 April 2015

    Trypophobia as well.

  2. Chloe 19 July 2014

    I have trypophobia- the fear of a cluster of small holes

  3. maddy howes 2 August 2012

    anatideaphobia-fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching you

  4. You don't need to know my name 28 July 2012

    I have no phobias, no fears, no regrets in my life, and no nothing. I’m better than chuck norris, I’m awesome

  5. Harigatokitty095 20 June 2012

    Alliumphobia- Fear of garlic

  6. LiamPayneLuvr13 18 June 2012

    those are so gross!

  7. All in Jeans 31 May 2012

    i have a really bad fear of fruit flies.. you know the really small flies. im not afraid of roaches,rat,spiders, or worms, i actually think their not that bad but when it comes to fruit flies im terrified. it started ever since i was 2 and im now 13. i was in my crib and i screamed “FLY FLY” and the next thing my parents heard was a thud and that was caused by me jumping out of the crib because i thought the fly was going to eat me. so ever since them i have been pretty scared of fruit flies. freaken disgusting creatures!!

  8. Squirtle572 5 April 2012

    well, not necessarily, because those vampires are steriotypes, and all that stuff isnt true. just sayingXD

  9. Squirtle572 5 April 2012

    yes they are and please dont judge.

  10. Squirtle572 5 April 2012

    Me too!

  11. Squirtle572 5 April 2012

    i dont remember what its called, but i have a slight fear that somewhere, somehow an evil duck is watching me…….i dont like ducks…..

    1. guest 13 April 2012

      anatidaephobia- a fear that somewhere somehow a duck is watching you

  12. tiger.rawr. 21 March 2012

    i’m afraid of the drain at the bottom of my pool…im freaked out about getting my toe or finger caught in it and drowning.

    1. LiamPayneLuvr13 18 June 2012

      Me too! but I think like a shark or something will eat me!

  13. Emma 11 March 2012

    I have a fear of Chickens

  14. Jennasmithy 15 February 2012

    I have a fear of blood

  15. Blossum222 22 January 2012

    i wish i had a fear

    1. unknown 21 October 2013

      i have a fear of paper i dont know why i just am scared im going to accidently eat it!!!!!!!!!……………

  16. Katelyn Sams 18 January 2012

    Once I was on a web site, and it said there is a few people who are afraid that a duck is watching them and its out to get them. Weird right?! Also, there was one that said some people are afraid of swimming because they think shopping carts are at the bottom of the lake. I just don’t understand. My cousin is creeped out by collar bones and dry heeves at the thought and wont let anyone touch hers.

  17. Ashes Bricker 12 January 2012

    i have Alektorophobia

  18. Bluecrazy54 9 December 2011

    I have a fear of the dark

  19. Twisted3600 9 December 2011

    I have a fear of ladybugs(had a traumatic experience with one when i was a kid) and a fear of spiders
    I’m also afraid of my memories (because I forgot a LOT of my childhood and stuff and I’m afraid of what I’ll remember because of what i have hasn’t been good)
    I’m afraid of being alone or forgotten
    I’m also afraid of being single (I’m not joking I think I have an obsession problem or something)

  20. Horseluvah 16 October 2011

    I have a fear of dropping things…

    1. All in Jeans 31 May 2012

      sooo.. i just wanted to knoww.. how often do you drop things. do you get freaked out whenyou drop something?

      1. All in Jeans 31 May 2012


  21. Alannaperlstein 29 September 2011

    Im Terrified Of Gnomes no joke.

  22. hails 19 September 2011

    I know a girl with a fear of buttons. She can wear clothes with buttons but has to have other people do them up for her. I guess its good she has a job as a cheerleader no buttons on her spandex uniform lol.
    I also know someone with a fear of bridges, she used to also have a fear of cows (No joke. She was chased by an entire herd of cattle when she was a kid before having to runaway from a pissed off bull)

  23. King Julian 4 August 2011

    I have a phobia of loud bangs or popping noises

  24. Caitlynn 2 July 2011

    I have a severe case of arachnophobia, and I’ve been trying to find cures for it. I know somebody with peladophobia, which is the fear of bald people. It’s kind of funny to watch her when a bald guy is near.

  25. Bryce_swift1 8 June 2011

    I have fear of gingers….. i heard they dont have souls…

    1. LiamPayneLuvr13 18 June 2012

      they do have souls! its just that they have red or orange hair!

    2. Katelyn Sams 18 January 2012

      What’s a ginger?

      1. Andrea Knight27 23 May 2012

        a person with orange/red colored hair. Ron Weasley from Harry Potter is a ginger.

    3. Jojorocks129 12 September 2011

      they do -__- all people hve souls dumbo

      1. Suzanne 20 May 2020

        As a ginger and proud of it, I can confirm that I do not, in fact, have a soul. Sorry not sorry.

  26. Vince 23 December 2010

    i have oneirophobia andsmniphobia