Fun Bingo Facts and Titbits

Bingo Facts and Tidbits



Bingo is among the oldest games in the world and was first devised in Italy in the 1500’s.

Over the next few centuries the game was slowly picked up around Europe and eventually took on the name ‘bingo’ when it arrived in the UK – previously it had been known as ‘beano’.

Having been around for centuries, a number of fun bingo facts and titbits have been documented.

Below we will share a few of the good ones.

An Educational Tool

When bingo arrived in Germany hundreds of years ago, key decision makers in educational determined it to be perfect as an educational tool.

Consequently, the children of Germany got to play bingo for the purpose of improving their mathematical capabilities.

To this very day, children still play to improve their education.

Good for Your Health

Five Bingo balls spelling out BINGO.

The traditional game of bingo is very good for your brain.

This stems from the ongoing concentration required to listen out for the numbers and mark them off a card.

A research group in Chicago studied a group of 1,000 adults and compared between those that played bingo and those that didn’t.

The research concluded that the minds of the bingo players were sharper.

Popular in the Church

Churches require wholesome activities to help bring members of their congregations together.

Now, while bingo is a basic form of gambling, it can be used to help the community when run as charity bingo.

In fact, the popularity of bingo increased dramatically after churches began to use charity bingo in fundraising events.

Today, fundraising by organizing a bingo night is not done by churches alone; there are several sites that offer bingo games and the game rules that can help you arrange your own bingo fund-raiser.

The Combinations

There more than one million number combinations in a game of bingo.

In fact, a noted maths professor was driven to insanity when he was trying to work out the number of different combinations.

Carl Leffler simply couldn’t comprehend the complexity of bingo.

Lucky Charms

Bingo is a game which breeds superstition.

For instance, some players refuse to play without a lucky toy or else when they don’t get to sit in their usual seat.

Other players will even go so far as to scrap their card if one of their unlucky numbers appears on it.

Brining Men and Women Together

A group of men and women playing Bingo together.

This next fact about bingo is one likely to appeal to the men out there, with it pertaining to the fairer sex.

You see, about twice as many women play online bingo than men do, which means that they would be wiser to give the bingo halls a miss and create an online account instead.

There will be no shortage of women with which to have fun conversations.

Bingo halls both offline and online are excellent places to converse.

Should you be looking for an online bingo site to play at, there are plenty of sites to help you find one.

Hope you enjoyed that brief run through of fun bingo facts and titbits!

There are plenty more out there to discover.

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