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Zumba Facts



If you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you probably won’t have heard of this exercise craze sweeping the world.

Here are some facts about Zumba.

Zumba Origins

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Zumba is the biggest branded fitness program in the world. Founded in 2001 in Miami by Alberto Aghion, Alberto Perez, and Alberto Perlman, it mixes aerobics with multiple dances, such as street and Latin.

The business, as it stands, is worth over £318,000,000. The word Zumba is Colombian slang for either “buzz like a bee” or “move very fast.”

Who’s it for?

There are over 14 million participants in over 150 countries – even in Antarctica!

Zumba has become so famous that even classes occur at the Pentagon. Michelle Obama even held a Zumba class in the front garden of the White House!

Zumba is a fun and inclusive way of exercising.

It doesn’t matter if you can dance, as the steps are simple enough to fall into.

Zumba does not discriminate against age, fitness, or ability level, as no one is watching you. All eyes are on the instructor and on their feet.

Generally, instructors are female, yet in Latin countries where men are encouraged to dance from an early age, the rate of male instructors is rather high.

How much does Zumba Cost?

Women taking part in a Zumba class

Classes are generally cheap, around £4 a session, yet this is not where Zumba makes its money.

The sales from clothing and home use DVDs are extremely high – making the business successful not just in a gym but in your own home too.

What should you wear?

Dressed in casual sports gear, such as jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, it is advised that your hair should be tied back and no jewelry should be worn, as the exercise can become vigorous and very sweaty.

Incidentally, the Zumba line of clothing is a £60,000,000 business!

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