51% of the World’s Population Gambles

Gambling Facts
Luke Ward
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It is a fact that over 51% of the world’s population gambles in some way, shape or form.

Let’s look at some facts and figures all about gambling and how it’s taken the world by storm.

The winner takes it all.

In 2009 the legal gambling market totaled £220 billion ($335 billion) globally and it has continued to grow since then grossing £270 billion ($417 billion) worldwide in 2012!

Looking at these figures it clear to see why the online gambling market has become such a large financial sector.

Since 2003 the online gambling market has seen a 23% annual growth every year.

It is now estimated that certain online gambling websites receive in excess of 14.5 million users a day!

So – who’s gambling?

At first, the online gambling experience was edged towards younger men but has since grown to accommodate both sexes as well as individuals of all age groups.

When looking at the rising figures of internet users aged between 16 and 74 within Europe – 80% within women, 60% within men – it’s simple to understand why.

Different online casinos for different people.

Although all offer a similar experience to one another, many different online casinos cater to different markets.

One way this is done is through different themes and bonuses on websites.

This applies to a person’s individual side when choosing a site as there are many differently themed sites to pick from.

Can you give us some examples?

Take the online casino Castle Jackpot for instance. The website sports a homepage-layout like that of an old scroll, with castle towers in the background as well as a welcoming bonus of up to £150!

Another example of a themed website is 888casino.com, it has a very corporate feel to it, making it look professional and business-like.

It offers a £88 free with no deposit needed. There are also options for a free download or to play instantly.

There are other websites that lean heavily towards a single type of game with similar offers such as FoxyBingo.com, an online bingo gaming site that offers a £20 free bonus or the poker-based online site LuckyAcePoker.com.


Online gambling can be a fun way to pass the time in your day-to-day life, but it must also be said that when gambling – like with drinking – you must always be aware of your limits and be responsible.

It is estimated that certain online gambling websites receive in excess of 14.5 million users a day!

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