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Meg Griffin has had many jobs in the past including: waitress, singer, babysitter, cashier and she was even reality TV star.

    If you are a fan of Fox’s Family Guy, check out these interesting facts about the unattractive, unpopular and unloved daughter, Meg Griffin.

    Meg is the eldest child of the Griffin family.

    Her middle name has not been revealed throughout the show, but her brothers, Chris and Stewie, have.

    She is slightly shorter than her younger brother Chris.

    Meg was originally depicted as the “sweet, teenage daughter” who often took the blame for the terrible that the rest of her family did. However, over the many seasons, the writers transformed Meg into who she is now… a teenage girl who is desperate for attention and is hardly noticed by anyone.

    Meg lives in Quahog, Rhode Island, with her family.

    Meg’s past jobs have included: a waitress, singer, babysitter, reality TV star, cashier, and prostitute.

    Meg currently attends James Woods Regional High School.

    In the episode A Hero Sits Next Door, Meg mentions that she cannot taste salt.

    Meg was born with a tail!

    Meg Griffin was voiced by an uncredited Lacey Chabert for the first season, though some of Chabert’s work became second-season episodes due to production order.

    Mila Kunis’ voice is first heard as Meg in Episode 3 of season two, Da Boom.

    The character Neil Goldman is attracted to Meg.

    Meg lost her virginity to Jimmy Fallon during an episode of Saturday Night Live.

    Meg’s only talent is that she can do great bird whistles.

    Meg made a friend called Sarah, who is revealed to be a lesbian. Meg also pretended to be one so that she could feel accepted, but she couldn’t bring herself to kiss Sarah when they went out.

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