Saving Pennis in the Credit Crunch

“Every Penny Makes A Difference In A Credit Crunch”

Some people take saving money too seriously, would you cross a road to pick up a penny on the floor?

I wouldn’t, but people in Poole, U.K do!

Pound World went out of business because a store across the road called 99p Stores, was selling the same products but for just 1p cheaper!

How crazy is that! I think some people are taking the credit crunch a bit too seriously.

Here’s what the Pound World manager had to say: “It’s amazing we had to close because of a difference of just a penny!”

Didn’t he think to just rename the shop to the ’97p or Less’ shop?

It would have easily put the 99p shop out of business, especially when you hear what a public shopper in Poole has to say:

“I would certainly cross the road if it meant I could get a similar item a penny cheaper, the more you buy for 99p, the more pennies you save. I have just bought six items, so I’ve saved 6p.” – Karl White

Pound World will be reopening in a different location, under a different name, but it’s still going to be a pound shop.

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  1. Franpa 1 July 2017

    Why do you think most prices for things $100 and below end in 99 pence, 99 US Cents or 95 Aussie Cents? Psychology. For large prices shops tend to change the formula slightly so a $1000 thing in Australia would be sold and advertised at $999.

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