A Baked Bean A Day Will Keep Death Away!

The main reason baked beans are so healthy is because they contain antioxidants.

    Baked beans, those small orange lumps in tomato ketchup, are they as healthy as they look?

    Well I can tell you they’re healthier than they look!

    Actually they don’t look that healthy, but they are.

    The average British person eats more than seven kilograms of beans every year, not all in one go, but how amazing is that!

    Baked beans are low in fat and have a lot of fiber and protein.

    They also have essential vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron and potassium.

    Sounding healthy already aren’t they…

    The main reason beans are so healthy is because they contain this thing that scientist found, which are antioxidants.

    Antioxidants protect us from the effects of ageing and all sorts of diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

    Oh and January 6th is National Bean Day!

    Anyway, next time you go to eat some beans, eat a few more and you’ll live longer!

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