Diet Coke With Bacon!

Written by: Luke Ward
Reading time: 1 min
Last updated: July 27, 2021

You don't see Diet Coke with Bacon in shops because it was made purely as a collectable item.

Diet Coke with Bacon

Whilst thinking about an article to write, I found something that is rather amazing about Coca-Cola.

We all know that it comes in a variety of flavors, such as lemon, lime, vanilla, cherry, and many others, but did you know they have Diet Coke with Bacon?!

Well it’s true – and no it hasn’t been Photoshopped at all, it’s totally original.

Diet Coke With Bacon

The main reason you don’t see it in shops is that it was not released as an official flavor, it was made purely as a collectible item.

Diet Coke with Bacon actually sounds nice in a way, the only thing that would put me off is the fact that it’s diet. Why?!

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  1. Russell Hegler June 24, 2020

    Interesting that the bacon coke did not make it to market. I was given a mid 90s Colke machine recently and one of the buttons has the diet coke with bacon and it looks similar to the can image in your article. I opened the machine but its empty. So no proof.

    1. Luke Ward June 25, 2020

      That’s really cool! I’d love to see a photo of that!

  2. landoc63 September 27, 2012

    Somebody watched way too many episodes of The Simpsons and thought this up.

  3. Ron April 20, 2012

    I think the idea of Bacon Coke, even if it was produced as a collectible, is revolting. I’m a bacon eater, but I prefer it on my plate for breakfast with eggs, toast and juice, not in a can. Yuck!!!

  4. Ron April 20, 2012

    I’m glad it wasn’t produced for the public. I’m a bacon eater, but I prefer the real thing, Bacon Coke sounds revolting.

  5. Honda007 February 8, 2012

    where can i buy one?

    1. Xiaochen Su February 16, 2012

      did you figure out where to get one?

  6. Allie September 16, 2011

    My only guess for why it’s diet and not regular is because of the difference in taste between diet and regular sodas! Maybe the diet tastes better with the bacon. Lol

  7. Eeeeeeeeeee July 10, 2011

    now see if they marketed it in pig territory (the Carolina’s, Georgia, Tennessee, and Louisiana ) or anywhere else where pig is the food of the gods. it would have been a hit.

  8. Rob April 4, 2011

    It sounds to me like they test marketed it in completely the wrong places