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If you are a fan of Family Guy, don’t miss the top facts about the slightly overweight, unintelligent and kind-hearted child, Chris Griffin.

His full name is Christopher Cross Griffin.

Yes, ‘Chris Cross’, as funny as it sounds, it’s not the reason why that is his middle name.

He is named after Christopher Cross, who was a popular singer back in the 1980’s.

Chris is voiced by Seth Green.

Seth Green also voices Dylan Flannigan – Brian‘s son and he voices Neil Goldman – Mort’s nerdy son.

Chris is 14 years old.

In the first three seasons, he is 13 years old, although he reached 14 in the episode Trading Places.

He’s only aged one year during the time of the show, however Meg has aged three years.

His birthday is February 8th, which is also the same date as Seth Greens birthday.

Chris was a Paperboy until season six.

He got a new job working as a cashier at Quahog Mini-Mart.

He has had other jobs, such as a Rickshaw Driver, a waiter at Big Pete’s House of Munch and a worker in the shipping department of the Pawtucket Brewery.

Chris was born as an accident due to a broken condom.

Because of this, Peter and Lois filed a lawsuit against the company, which they won and the money bought the house they currently live in.

This was revealed in the episode Emission Impossible.

Chris is much like his father Peter.

He is overweight, he has a low IQ and no common sense.

However Chris does have several talents, he is a good artist and has a detailed knowledge of film and TV actors.

The Evil Monkey!

The Evil Monkey lived in Chris’s bedroom closet. He regularly tormented Chris, and was unseen by the rest of the family except Stewie.

Chris captured the monkey and showed the family in the episode Hannah Banana, since then, Chris and the Evil Monkey became friends and now the monkey lives in Jake Tucker’s closet.

Did you know…

In the episode When You Wish Upon a Weinstein, Peter told Chris that Jews are smarter and more successful, to try to impress his father, Chris was going to convert to Judaism to do better in school.

In the Family Guy video game, Chris is the only member of the Griffin family that is not playable.

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