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If you’re a fan of Family Guy, check out these funny facts about the evil-genius, the baby of the family, Stewie Griffin.

His full name is Stewart Gilligan Griffin.

His parents are Peter, whom he calls ‘the Fat Man’, and Lois, who he refers to as her given name.

He has an older brother Chris and an older sister Meg.

He has a half-brother and enemy, Bertram.

He lives with his family and dog Brian, on Spooner Street, in Quahog.

Stewie is one year old and doesn’t have an official birthday.

Stewie has a unique head shape, which none of his family members have.

He is voiced by Family Guy creator, Seth Macfarlane.

He has a British accent.

Stewie has a beloved teddy bear, called Rupert.

In some of Stewie’s fantasies, Rupert has a human muscular body, with a teddy bear’s head.

When Rupert was attacked by an unfamiliar dog, Lois rescued and repaired him. Stewie was eternally grateful and loved his mother.

When Rupert was accidentally sold at a yard sale, Stewie and Brian set off to rescue him.

When Meg got the family their own television show, Stewie was replaced by Ashley Olsen.

His enjoys being naked such as when he ran through a mall for a bet, claiming he had escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement.

His favorite meal is cut green beans, Atkins friendly potato sticks arranged in order of size, from large to small, and a Scooby-Doo yogurt with Shaggy’s eyes scratched out.

Twice, Stewie has wanted to be a race car driver.

Brian fully understands Stewie when he is speaking, but on occasions the family seem to understand him too, such as when Stewie spanked Chris and asked him, “If your teachers ask about your bruises, what will you tell them?”, to which Chris replied “I got hit by a baseball!”

Stewie believed that sex was a kind off cake.

It appears Stewie is a closet bisexual, as has kissed Brian to get out of the army and even invited another officer to join in. He has also been in a romantic relationship with Olivia Fuller, who later cheated on him.

Stewie is capable of building multiple inventions such as a device to transport him and Brian to different parallel universes.

Stewie often wished to take over the world, which he did in ‘Lois Kills Stewie’.

Stewie often wished to kill his mother, which he did in ‘Stewie Kills Lois’.

He appeared as Darth Vader in the spoofs of Star Wars.

Stewie joined theater school, where he eventually worked with Olivia Fuller on a musical number which became a huge success.

Stewie made Brian travel with him to see Santa Claus and prove his existence.

He enjoys Star Trek: The Next Generation, even going as far as to kidnap the cast and spend the day with them.

Stewie is related to Leonardo da Vinci and ultimately caused the Big Bang.

Stewie has had many jobs including:
a. Airport employee
b. Calvin Klein supermodel
c. Cast member on Jolly Farm
d. Chef at Big Pete’s House of Munch
e. Co-host on radio show, Dingo and the Baby
f. A diver
g. A factory worker
h. Following fat people around with a tuba
i. Melanie Griffiths loose skin holder
j. McBurgertown employee
k. A paper boy
l. A pilot
m. Publicist
n. psychiatrist
o. Quahog Circuit Shack employee (future self)
p. Santa Claus
q. A Soldier

Stewie has killed many people including:
a. The Man in White
b. Vern and Johnny
c. Jeremy
d. Matthew McConaughey
e. Several small children
f. Old Lady
g. Colin Farrell
h. Ms Hobson
i. New Brian
j. Unnamed power guy
k. Several of Peter’s sperm
l. Denise Crosby
m. The Grady Twins
n. Post time Mort Goldman
o. Three Nazi Officers
p. Diane Simmons
q. Bertram
r. Charles Yamamoto
s. Prince Faisal.

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