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Billie Eilish has established a name and solid reputation for herself before she even turned 18.

Known for her eccentric and outlandish style, her music and videos are sure to stick in your mind.

Check out these top 30 facts about this popular icon!

Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. She is 22 years old and was born on December 18, 2001.

Eilish was born to Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, both of which are in the entertainment industry. Her heritage is Irish and Scottish.

Surprisingly enough, Billie was homeschooled. However, she joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus when she was 8, which she attributes to helping her sing properly.

When she was only 11 years old, Billie Eilish started writing songs.

Billie’s first single was “Ocean Eyes” which was released in 2016 on SoundCloud with the help of her brother Finneas, who is also a musician.

It wasn’t until a few years later, in 2019, that the song reached certified platinum by the RIAA, and peaked at number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Billie Eilish has songs on both of the “13 Reasons Why” soundtracks. Her song “Bored” is on the Season 1 soundtrack, while on Season 2 she collaborated with Khalid on the track “Lovely.”

Most of Billie’s songs are written by or with her brother Finneas. Finneas also produces her music and performs with her for live shows.

Billie has credited Lana Del Rey as being a huge musical influence, along with artists like The Beatles, Avril Lavigne, and Justin Bieber.

Eilish dresses in clothing that is hugely over-sized because she wants to prevent people from body-shaming her. Her style is also inspired by Tyler the Creator.

Billie Eilish has been vegan since around 2014.

The entire O’Connell family is very musical. Billie’s brother and mother are songwriters, and her dad plays both the piano and ukulele.

Billie’s favorite TV show is “The Office,” and she even used samples from one of the episodes in her song “My Strange Addiction”.

Surprisingly enough, Billie Eilish has Tourette syndrome, which she has learned to mostly control in public.

Not being one to give in to peer pressure, Eilish has never used drugs or smoked.

Top Facts about Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is the first artist born in the 2000s to have a number one album.

As a fan of horror, some of Billie Eilish’s favorite movies and TV shows are The Babadook, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead.

In fact, her first real composition is about the apocalypse inspired by The Walking Dead, called “Fingers Crossed.”

In 2016, Billie Eilish was dancing with seniors in her dance class, when her bone separated from her hip muscle and her bone popped.

Billie Eilish never smiles in photographs because she says it makes her feel “weak and powerless.”

In just one year, Billie went from performing for a crowd of 500 people to playing for a crowd of 40,000 people when she was just 16.

One of her fans drew a picture of her with blacked-out eyes crewing black tears. Billie loved it so much, that she gave it to her director to draw inspiration for a music video which ended up being “When the Party’s Over”.

Billie Eilish demands almost full control in terms of her style, music, videos, and social media. She says she would rather die than let someone else take over just to make things easier.

Even though she realizes the responsibility of being a role model due to her level of fame, she says she isn’t going to let that change the way she is.

Even though she has over 12 million followers on her Instagram, she is reluctant about her use of social media and considers it to be a dangerous tool.

Growing up in Highland Park, California, the level of crime was questionable. Their neighbors even got arrested by the FBI for money laundering.

Even before she was able to vote, Billie teamed up with a Los Angeles mayor to encourage people to vote in 2018.

Billie’s first tour was the “Don’t Smile at Me” tour in 2017.

The “Don’t Smile at Me” album was named after the fact that Billie hates when people smile at her and she feels an obligation to smile back.

Billie Eilish’s Instagram handle @wherearetheavocados was made as a joke based on when she was 10 making grilled cheese but she couldn’t find any avocados to go with it.

So of course Billie Eilish may be somewhat of a “bad guy” but she is also an incredibly talented artist.

Gaining the attention of fans all over the world, she has made a massive name for herself while also gaining a tidy net worth in the process.

I don’t know about you but our favorite track is “Ocean Eyes.”

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