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From fine art to pop art, colors, tattoos, and elaborate jewelry, you’ll get a Grade A, front-seat education that you can bank on!

Here you’ll find facts about artists, crafts, and adventures that the creative mind can produce.

Every aspect of art and design is explored, and the facts range from the artists and designers to the histories and comedies of the creative arts.

Fun Facts About Graffiti

21 Interesting Facts About Graffiti

Did you know that Los Angeles cleans over 30 million square feet of graffiti per year?

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25 Facts About the Color Orange

25 Facts About The Color Orange

Did you know owning an orange car apparently means you're fun-loving and trendy?

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Color Brown Facts

25 Facts About the Color Brown

There is no actual difference between brown eggs and white eggs… they are merely different colors.

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Banksy Artwork

26 Facts You Didn’t Know About Banksy

Did you know that the artist Bansky describes himself as a “Quality Vandal”?

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The Sistine Chapel

25 Fascinating Facts About The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel has the same dimensions as the Temple of Solomon, as described in the Old Testament.

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Purple Flowers Photo

20 Facts About The Color Purple

Did you know that "Purple Day" was created in 2008 by Cassidy Megan, a nine year-old Canadian?

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Facts About the Colour Pink

20 Facts About the Color Pink

The color pink has been used on prison walls in order to reduce the erratic behavior of inmates!

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Love Tattoo

Tattoos – The Art of Body Modification

In the 19th Century, tattoos were used as a form of punishment. Criminals were given tattoos so that other people would know.

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Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color InfoGraphic

Studies show that the color red can make you do poorly in exams due to its association with the danger of failure!

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Blue Skies

24 Interesting Facts About The Color Blue

Did you know that the color blue is the least common color in the foods we eat?

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Yellow Trees

12 Bright Facts About the Color Yellow

In Japan, yellow is the color of courage, but in Egypt, yellow is the color of mourning.

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Green Leaves

10 Great Facts About the Color Green

Green is used for night vision goggles because the eye is most sensitive and able to distinguish the most shades in that color.

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