Pink Rainbow

Is The Color Pink In The Rainbow?

There is something really magical about seeing a beautiful arched rainbow spread across the sky during rain and sun. We all know that all the colors are in a rainbow... but are they? If your answer is still "yes", then let me ask you, where's pink? Here we'll find out whether pink is in the rainbow or not.

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Why are red and green associated with Christmas?

Why Are Red And Green The Colors Of Christmas?

We all know that the colors red and green are famously associated with Christmas. Many of us wonder how they came to be and it's easy to think of Coca-Cola and Santa and holly berries or Christmas trees but what are the true origins. Let's take a closer look.

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25 Facts About the Color Orange

25 Facts About The Color Orange

Unlike red, green or even blue, orange doesn't jump to mind when you think of certain emotions. However orange is a color that stands out visually and always catches your eye even from afar. Here we look at 25 facts about this underappreciated color.

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Color Brown Facts

25 Facts About the Color Brown

The color brown is a dull and often ignored color. It looks like your aunts age old curtains and it’s not a very eye-catching color. From a different perspective, however, brown is a very pleasant color, it resembles history, culture and chocolate. Here are 25 facts about the color brown.

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Purple Flowers Photo

20 Facts About The Color Purple

Royalty, nobility, luxury and ambition are all associated with the color purple. But what other facts do we know about this magical color? Find out here with these 20 interesting facts about the color purple.

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Facts About the Colour Pink

20 Facts About the Color Pink

The color pink is symbolizes joy and happiness. Pink has been used on prison walls in order to reduce the erratic behavior of inmates. If you like these facts, or if your favorite color is pink, then you're going to enjoy these 20 interesting facts!

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Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color InfoGraphic

Everyone has a favorite color. Interestingly enough, there is a science behind how each color makes you feel! Learn the facts on what colors to paint your home and why. From the office to dining room, you really can't go wrong following these tips!

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Blue Skies

24 Interesting Facts About The Color Blue

There's no wonder blue is one of the popular colors. It represents the ocean, water, skies, stability, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, peace and more. If you're a lover of blue then you'll love these 24 awesome facts all about it.

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Yellow Trees

12 Bright Facts About the Color Yellow

The color yellow is warmth, summer, happiness, fun, friendship and electricity. Yellow is one of three primary colors. There is so much more to yellow than you might think. Come and take a look with these 12 bright facts all about the color.

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Green Leaves

10 Great Facts About the Color Green

There are many things that come to mind when thinking of the color green. Green has connotations of nature, life, youth, safety and hope. Green is the second favorite color worldwide. Fall in love with green with our top ten green facts.

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Facts About the Color Red

8 Wild Facts About the Color Red

When you think about the color red what comes to mind? Danger, blood, pain, fertility, fire, strawberries? Well, whatever it is you’re thinking of, here are 8 totally rad facts about the color red that’ll leave you burning to know more.

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