25 Facts About the Color Brown

Color Brown Facts



The color brown is a dull and often ignored color. It looks like your aunts’ age-old curtains and it’s not a very eye-catching color.

From a different perspective, however, brown is a very pleasant color, it resembles history, culture, and chocolate.

Here’s a short list of facts you might not know about the color brown.

The Japanese do not have a word for brown. They only describe it with short phrases.

The color brown resembles death in India because it is the color of dead or dying leaves.

Native Americans believe that brown is the color of self-discipline.

The founder of the NFL Team Cleveland Browns is Paul Brown.­

If you’re ‘Brown Bagging’, it means you’ve brought a homemade lunch to work.

A ‘Brownout’ is a partial loss of electrical power.

Brown is considered an Earth color because it can be found nearly everywhere on Earth and it is the color of the soil.

The color brown can be created by blending all of the colors together.

The Eiffel Tower in France is brown.

The way the color brown affects us psychologically, it represents family, comfort, and stability.

The color brown can encourage materialism and a want of possessions.

People with brown eyes are creative attractive and confident.

Brown can affect our mood by making us calm. Brown is a soothing color, but too much brown is a depressant.

You don’t see brown in the rainbow because it is a mixture of colors and the rainbow is all the primary and secondary colors separated by a prism (water).

Grizzly Bears are also known as Brown Bears.

Brown recluses are known for their flesh rotting bite, but… there are some cases where the spider doesn’t have a chance to release a lot of venom and the victim only experiences mild skin irritation.

The color brown in dreams is more than often your subconscious telling you, you should get back to your roots.

Chocolate is brown because the cocoa bean that it comes from is also brown.

Facts About the Colour Brown

Classic painter, Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings have brilliant yellows that, due to age, are starting to turn brown.

Until the year 1925, the color brown in some paints and dyes was actually produced from ground up ancient Egyptian mummies!

Bilirubin is the pigment in feces that makes it brown.

Brown sugar is unrefined sugar that still contains molasses.

There is actually no difference between brown eggs and white eggs… they are merely different colors.

You might be in trouble if your urine is brown. Though some foods like fava beans and rhubarb can give your urine a brown color, brown may also be a sign of hepatitis, bleeding in the urinary tract, or even melanoma (skin cancer).

When making glass, Nickel is added to make the glass brown.

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