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Facts About the Color Red

8 Wild Facts About the Color Red

When you think about the color red what comes to mind? Danger, blood, pain, fertility, fire, strawberries? Well, whatever it is you’re thinking of, here are 8 totally rad facts about the color red that’ll leave you burning to know more.

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Mona Lisa Coffee

Mona Lisa Recreated With Coffee

Mona Lisa - one of the world's most famous paintings, was recreated using 3,604 cups of coffee and 564 pints of milk! Read on to see who made this masterpiece, and exactly how long it took them!

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Prit Stick Glue

The History Of Pritt Stick Glue

The Pritt Stick is so useful for those little creative projects you have at home. Did you know it was created back in 1969 by a group of German businessmen? You probably haven’t thought about the history of this glue before but let’s take a look together.

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