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Why Auctioneer’s Talk So Fast

If you have been to an auction or seen the auction programs on TV, I’m sure you would have asked yourselves why auctioneer’s talk so fast?

I originally thought it was because the faster they sold an item, the more money they would earn; however I have not found any evidence of this…

What I did find is that they talk so fast to keep the bidding alive and interesting, because people would lose interest if it was slow and boring.

It’s not always the case that they talk fast too, most auctioneer’s don’t exactly talk fast, they just shorten and join the words together.

An example of this that I have found would be “Will you give” = “Illyagive”.

So it’s long the same lines of when we’re talking and say “gonna” instead of “going to”, but auctioneer’s do it with all their words.

Talking like an auctioneer isn’t easy too, they actually spend a lot of time on practicing this.

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