The Weirdest Driving Laws in the US Infographic

Weirdest Driving Laws US



From sea to shining sea, the roads of the United States are quite interesting. While some roads run through multiple states, each state has its own unique driving laws.

Some of these traffic laws make perfect sense and are there to protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Others, however, are just outright strange.

The car transportation company, J&S Transportation, took a look at the craziest driving laws in all 50 states.

In New Hampshire, for instance, it is illegal to stop on the median to let ducklings pass.

In Alabama, you cannot drive around impersonating a priest or member of the clergy.

One of the extremely wild-sounding ones comes from Mississippi, where it is illegal to have a flamethrower attached to your car.

Perhaps the funniest part about these laws is when you think about the stories behind why they were put in the books.

Were there people who actually were driving around Mad-Max style with flamethrowers on their cars? Who knows?

Weirdest Driving Laws in the US

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