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Bizarre Laws Around the World

Countries all over the world have strange and weird laws, some very outdated. Read on to see the laws and their countries.

Australia: It is illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday on Sunday.

Brazil: The use of handcuffs are prohibited.

Canada: Citizens may not relieve themselves or spit in the streets.

Denmark: If you vehicle stalls and you leave it on the side of the road, you must mark the vehicle with a red, reflecting triangle.

Egypt: No public displays of affection should be shown.

France: No pig may be addressed as Napoleon by its owner.

Greece: Women are prohibited from wearing high heels and tall hats in the Olympic Stadium.

Hawaii: Coins are not allowed to be placed in one’s ears.

Israel: It is forbidden to bring bears to the beach.

Japan: Women must wear bras in air-conditioned rooms.

Kentucky: It’s against the law to put your ice cream cone in your pocket.

Louisiana: Biting someone with your natural teeth is simple assault. Biting someone with false teeth is aggravated assault.

Morocco : Anyone in a company with someone who possess narcotics, even if they are unaware that their companions has them, can be tried for the same crime.

Netherlands: Prostitution is legal, but they must pay taxes.

Oklahoma: It is illegal to take a bite out of someone else’s hamburger.

Poland: Fireman who serve in action may not have a moustache. Fireman who file paperwork may have a moustache.

Quebec: No language other than French is permitted to be shown outdoors.

Russia: It is illegal to brush your teeth more than twice per day.

Sweden: You may only own half a meter down in the ground of any land you own.

Thailand: It is illegal to drive without a shirt on.

United Kingdom: In Hereford, you can shoot a Welsh person on Sunday, with a longbow, in the Cathedral Close.

Virginia: Children are not allowed to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Wales: All boys, by law, must learn how to play rugby.

X: There are no countries in the world beginning with the letter X!

Yemen: At the age of 15, women may marry.

Zimbabwe: Citizens may not make offensive gestures at a passing car.

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  1. Donna Hollins - 6 May 2017 - Reply

    The statement about it being illegal to wear hot pink pants after midday on Sunday in Australia is incorrect. We can wear them whenever we want…though who would do this????

  2. Вера - 1 September 2016 - Reply

    Statement about Russia is totally untrue

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