Top Ten Google Plus Facts

Written by: Luke Ward
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Last updated: March 17, 2021

Google+ was made in an attempt to challenge other social networks, linking other Google products like Google Drive & YouTube.

Google Plus Facts

If you love social networking you should join Google’s social networking site, but before you do, check out the top 10 facts about Google+.

As of November 2011, Google+ fan pages became available.

Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) joined Google+ just after its launch.

Like Twitter, it’s clear about who the real celebrities are on Google+ as they have a verified name button.

With a G+ account, you get unlimited photo storage on Picasa, instead of the 1GB storage you get without a G+ account.

Google plus was developed under the code name ‘Emerald Sea’.

Unlike Facebook, there are no advertisements displayed over Google’s social network site, making the load time faster and overall keeping Google+ users from getting confused.

There is a 5000 maximum friend limit on every Google+ profile.

Google+ cost $585 million to build, with 500 employees working on it.

19th Jan 2012, Google+ reached 90 million users.

Creating a Google+ Page for your business can help to improve its visibility and ranking within the search engine.

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