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Google has revolutionized the internet – that’s a fact! Since 1998, it has been improving the way we utilize the world wide web. From efficient online storage to checking your email, Google has it all covered.

Even though we use it every day, there’s a lot to this company to be learned with these incredible facts!

The History of Driverless Cars

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Driverless cars really do belong in what I imagine as the world of the future, alongside robot butlers and a Windows Operating System that doesn’t crash. But how close are we to driverless cars? Well, here's a look at the history so far...

25 Amazing Facts About Android

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Ah the age old debate, Apple or Android. It does seem a little bit like David vs Goliath really doesn’t it? The heavy-hitter and global superpower; Apple, versus the widely used, customizable and in some weird way lesser; Android. Is this the case though? Let's find out!