The Japanese Underwater Mailbox

Underwater Post Box



In Japan, just off the coast of a small town in Wakayama prefecture, there is an underwater post-box, which is an actual collection point within Susami’s postal system.

The mail is collected from the mailbox every day, by a deep-sea diving postman.

When I first heard of this, I thought two things…

1. Wouldn’t the letters get wet?
2. Who would actually use it?

Well, the answers to them questions are rather simple… the mail gets put into a waterproof bag/container, and deep-sea divers would use them!

It is surprisingly more popular than I originally thought it would be, at the busy times it actually has as many as 200 pieces of mail!

There’s also a special stamp which is stamped on the mail – obviously – because a normally one wouldn’t be waterproof!

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