The “Netflix and Chill” Button

Netflix and Chill Button



Who doesn’t love Netflix and Chill? Well now you can enjoy it even more with the “Netflix and Chill” button!

No longer do you have to dim the lights, order takeaway, turn on your TV, choose your films, silence your phone – you can do it all straight from the press of a button!

How does the Netflix button work?

The wireless Netflix and Chill button can sync with certain devices such as your Smart TV, Andriod Smartphone and Philips Hue wireless lighting system to dim your lights in your room.

With an app, the Netflix button syncs with your phone and can activate your phones “Do not disturb” feature.

It even orders food for you – the only thing it doesn’t do is pick up your food from the front door… yet.

The Name

Officially, Netflix’s amazing invention is called “The Switch”.

However it was soon known as the “Netflix and Chill” button, in reference to the popular meme you’ve probably seen if you use Facebook or any social network.

If you’ve not seen it, Netflix and Chill basically means hooking up on the untruthfulness of watching Netflix.

This is the perfect solution to getting straight to business on your night in, and all you need is internet connection – which I’m sure is obvious.

The Netflix engineers revealed this invention at the World Maker Faire in September 2015.

It’s powered by a Particle Core, an Arduino-compatible development kit (which features on-board WiFi), a battery, LEDs and an IR transmitter for Netflix-compatible TVs.

Now, can somebody please write some code so the button can be used with iPhones, and Netflix on PS4?!

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