15 Bizarre Eating Disorders

Jamie Ward
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Did you know that if someone has trichophagia, they have the urge to eat hair?

    If you fancy a laugh or need to kill boredom, check out these top fifteen bizarre facts about eating disorders and learn something new!

    Acuphagia – Has the urge to eat sharp objects.

    Amylophagia – Has the urge to eat washing powder.

    Cautopyreiophagia – Has the urge to eat burnt matches.

    Coprophagia – Has the urge to eat feces.

    Geomelophagia – Has the urge to eat raw potatoes.

    Geophagia – Has the urge to eat soil.

    Gooberphagia – Has the urge to eat peanuts.

    Lithophagia – Has the urge to eat stones.

    Mucophagy – Has the urge to eat mucus.

    Ortharexia Nervosa – This is a disorder where the sufferer is obsessed with eating healthy food.

    Pagophagia – Has the urge to eat ice.

    Pica – With this disorder, the sufferer craves and eats non-food substances like rock, sand, and others.

    Plumbophagia – Has the urge to eat lead.

    Trichophagia – Has the urge to eat hair.

    Xylophobia – Has the urge to eat wood.

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