The Moon’s Moving Away From Earth

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Every year the moon moves 1.5" away from the Earth. This is caused due to the tidal effects.

The natural satellite we all call the Moon is slowly drifting away from Earth, there’s no need to panic though, it isn’t going anywhere fast.

You’ll all be dead by the time it gets too far away, unless you manage to cleverly find a way for living forever.

Every year the moon moves 3.8cm away from the Earth, this is caused due to the tidal effects, and consequently Earth is slowing in rotation by about 0.002 seconds per century.

There’s a theory that scientists discovered which suggests that the moon was created over 4.6 billion years ago by an object the size of Mars.

You can buy parts of the moon, how cool is that! I don’t really know who the money would go to though, because nobody really owns the moon do they?

I know that was kind of, off topic, but it’s still cool.

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  1. Do you understand how fast that object could have been going? This could’ve caused the size of the moon that we see today. Also, the growth of the moon took an extremely long time. The moon was originally 17480000000 miles closer to Earth. We don’t see the marks of the object because that collision would’ve have led to massive volcanic eruptions probably on a level higher than anything we have seen, or anything we will see, the lava flows would’ve eventually filled up the indent that the body had made.

  2. But when will the moon release itself from the gravitational pull of the Earth?

  3. since it would take an object twice the size of mars to hit the earth with enough force to make enought matter to form the earth from the earth’s surface, why don’t we see the marks that must have been made by such a massive collision? Also, how would the particles stick together? They would not have enough gravity to stick together. Also, How would the moon get outside of the Roche limit? (the limit of 11,500 miles that must be passed in order for an object to avoid crashing back down to earth) The initial impaction would not have had enough force. And since the moon is moving father away each year, it would have been a lot closer to earth! I do not have the time to do the math carfully right now, but a i think a poor estmate would put it several tens of thousands of miles closer! What ill effects could it have on the earth? I suppose it could have no ill effects, but i personaly do think that this is a very solid theory. (i am refering to the theory on how the moon was created)

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