5 Spooky Facts About Ghosts That’ll Give You Chills

Facts about ghosts



Ghosts are supernatural phenomena that some people believe in and others don’t.

For years, ghosts have haunted the hallways of mansions, castles, and homes.

Sometimes they are said to be the deceased stuck in limbo and have unfinished business on earth. The spirit lingers and torments the living until they are accepted into heaven or hell.

Other theories tell tales of ghosts haunting a particular person or place.

Here are five spooky facts about ghosts that will send shivers down your spine.

A ghost may haunt you for multiple reasons.

A scary looking ghost looking through the window

Famed ghost hunter and author Richard Southall said there are four reasons a ghost may be around.

The first of his list is that the ghost may not realize that it is actually dead.

The second is that the ghost has unfinished business. It is said that when a person dies, they can not cross into the underworld until all the business is finished on earth.

This leads to reason three: the ghost may be lingering so it can say goodbye to a loved one.

The final theoretical reason is to offer guidance to a loved one.

Ghosts are generally believed only to haunt locations, objects, or people they were associated with.

For example, a famed story is of the Winchester Mystery House. The story is that ghosts tormented the wife of the creator of the Winchester gun in her home. But these were all ghosts of those who had been killed with that particular brand of gun.

There are different types of ghosts, some good and some bad.

A ghost

You may have thought you have one type of ghost to look out for, but there are multiple.

It’s not just a typical floating white bed sheet ghost trying to haunt you.

There are poltergeists which are noisier ghosts that tend to torment the living. They often move things around your home and will spook you through subtle movements.

Funnel ghosts and orbs are other types of ghosts. These are associated more so with light and will appear like a ball of light or mist.

They can also be the type of ghost that will look over a loved one.

You can make a ghost haunt your enemy.

Many howling ghosts

This is possibly one of the most chilling things to think of.

According to the Romans, you can effectively order a ghost to get revenge for you.

The Romans believed in a few simple steps to get this done.

It began with writing down a curse by scratching into stone or, in those days, a tablet.

The curse needed to mention the enemy’s name and describe what type of torment was to be made.

Then this was to be placed in a grave or burial site for the deceased to act upon.

Not all Romans believed in this, but it was often practiced with the hopes of the dead returning as ghosts to torment.

The witching hour is when ghosts are most potent.

A haunted house with ghosts hanging around outside it

In folklore, the witching hour is associated with paranormal events and when ghosts are likely to appear.

Although it is possible to see a ghost at any time of day, it is said that ghosts will be at their most powerful during the witching hour.

Many argue when the witching hour is, but generally, it is believed to be between 3 and 4 am. 

It is thought that this association stemmed from the Catholic Church. This is because, during the 1500s, the Catholic Church banned activities during this hour.

The ban was due to the fear of witchcraft at the time, as it was assumed this was performed at night.

The witching hour was born and is now known as the most unearthly hour.

This is when poltergeists will move things and terrorize a household or when you are most likely to see one.

So next time you find yourself awake during this hour, be careful of what you might see.

England is one of the world’s most haunted countries.

A haunted home in England

Britain has a complex history, full of battles, torture, death, and witchcraft, so it is no surprise that it is one of the most haunted countries in the world.

There are over 60 known haunted houses, castles, mansions, and buildings across the UK.

Many of these locations once witnessed many horrors in the form of a battle, beheading, or worse.

Hampton Court Palace is one of the most haunted locations in the UK. Here you can see the ghost of a grey lady, a man in a mask, and the famous screaming queen.


Ghosts come in many shapes and forms and have different purposes. Some are out to haunt you and torment you, others are just there to show you love and guide you.

Whether it is a friendly or not-so-friendly ghost, you may encounter one at any moment.

So next time you hear a floorboard creek or notice one of your objects has moved, it may just be a ghost…

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