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Halloween may not be the most famous holiday, but those who love it are die hard and dedicated to getting the perfect costume and acquiring the most candy.

The history of this spooky celebration has fascinating beginnings, and we have all the info on this beloved holiday.

The A-Z of Global Halloween Traditions

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Halloween is one of the most-loved occasions around the world, and each country seems to have their own way of celebrating it. If you're planning to travel somewhere different this year, here's an A-Z on Halloween traditions all across the globe, from America to Zimbabwe!

A Brief History of Candy Corn

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Is there any other candy that says "Halloween" as much as candy corn? Every adult and every child recognizes this multi-colored sweet treat! Read on for a brief history of candy corn and some interesting facts!

Eight Creepy Facts About Spiders

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Spiders are nature's mysterious eight-legged predators. Their strangeness has attracted many scientists to study them, and more often than not, their research gives some really strange results. So, check out these eight creepy facts that might surprise you about the commonly known arthropod.

The History Of Halloween Costumes

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Halloween, as we celebrate it today, is the culmination of more than a thousand years of cultural evolution. While there are many fascinating facts about Halloween and Halloween lore, perhaps none are more interesting than those that pertain to Halloween costumes.