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Fun World Records About Eating

Today, people can set a world record for nearly anything, here’s some bizarre facts about the top ten weird world records about eating.

  1. Deepak Sharma Bajagain broke the world record for eating the most cloves of garlic in one minute, he managed 34 on 1st December 2009.
  2. Peter Dowdeswell holds the world record for the fastest time to drink two pints of milk. He managed it in just 3.2 seconds!
  3. The world record for eating jelly with a chopstick in one minute goes to Damien Fletcher, who managed a whopping 180g of it.
  4. Fastest time to drink a 396g (14oz) bottle of ketchup though a straw was Dustin Phillips of America. He managed in just 33 seconds.
  5. The most amount of grapes eaten in 3 minutes is 133. This record was set in 2001 by Mat Hand, from the UK.
  6. Matthew Winn, from the UK, currently holds the world record for unwrapping, and then eating the most Ferrero Rocher in one minute. He managed a staggering 5! Now this may not seem a low amount, but trust me on this one, I have tried to beat this, and failed. Badly.
  7. The most amount of jam doughnuts eaten in 3 minutes – without licking lips, is 6. (This is another record that I have tried, and failed to beat!).
  8. Andrew Hajinkitas of Australia, currently holds the world record for drinking 120 ml (4.2 fl.oz) of Tabasco sauce in 30 seconds.
  9. The most amount of Smarties eaten using chopsticks is held by Katheryn Ratcliffe of the UK. She manages to eat 170 in only 3 minutes!
  10. The world record for the most amount of meatballs eaten in a minute with chopsticks is 27. This record is held by Mick Marshall, of the UK.

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