National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day



It’s the time of the year again where National Doughnut Day (Also spelt as donut) is celebrated word wide!

Each year on the first Friday in the month of June, millions of people flock to the nearest shop, bakery or café to gobble down some of their favorite doughnuts.

Many doughnut establishments throughout the United States of America offer out a free doughnut with every purchase!

National Doughnut Day Origins

So how did Homer Simpson‘s favorite holiday originate?

It all started way back on June 7, 1938, when Morgan Pett, a young military doctor, stopped at a bakery and picked up 8 dozen doughnuts.

When he arrived at the military base where he was traveling to, he got to work helping out the wounded soldiers.

Each soldier he helped out, he would hand out one of his doughnuts to them.

One of the men that Morgan helped out was Lieutenant General Samuel Geary, who was so pleased with the work that he was doing, he started to help fundraise to help Morgan continue his unique and friendly way to help soldiers.

In later years, the Salvation Army joined the fund-raising efforts and helped during the First World War in France handing out doughnuts to the soldiers.

This practice also continued through into the Second World War, where volunteers of the Red Cross would distribute doughnuts to soldiers.

The women within the Red Cross who helped out were often referred to as “Doughnut Dollies”

Where are the best places to get doughnuts?

We don’t have the answer to this!

Do you know of any bakeries that are handing out free doughnuts today?

Maybe you’d like to share with us!

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