Cat Predicts 50 Deaths!

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In 2007 an article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine giving credit to a cat who predicted 50 deaths.

    Records have shown that a cat predicted 50 human deaths. This cat is named Oscar and lives at the New England nursing home.

    Oscar was adopted.

    He was adopted as a kitten at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, which specializes in caring for people with severe dementia.

    Oscar and his psychic abilities.

    Dr. David Dosa, a geriatrician and assistant professor at Brown University, said that sometimes Oscar proves the medical staff wrong in their predictions over which patients were close to death.

    Dr. Dosa first publicized Oscar’s gift in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007.

    However, since that time, he has “predicted” double the number of deaths that are about to happen.

    Because of the way the cat behaves around the about-to-die patient, he has convinced the geriatrician that it isn’t a coincidence.

    How does Oscar behave around dying patients?

    Oscar is a tortoiseshell and White cat; it normally spends its time wandering around rooms and only seems to spend time with the patients who have only a few hours to live.

    If Oscar is outside of the room with the dying patient, he scratches the door to try to get in.

    The cat is not alone as the nursing home keeps five other cats, although none of these have ever behaved in this strange way or any other way that would predict something else!

    “When nurses once placed the cat on the bed of a patient they thought close to death, Oscar “charged out” and went to sit beside someone in another room. The cat’s judgment was better than that of the nurses: the second patient died that evening, while the first lived for two more days.

    Dr. Dosa and other staff are so confident in Oscar’s accuracy that they will alert family members when the cat jumps onto a bed and stretches out beside its occupant.” He explained that “People were actually taking great comfort in this idea that this animal was there and might be there when their loved ones eventually pass. He was there when they couldn’t be”.

    Making rounds with Oscar.

    Dr. Dosa’s book is called, “Making rounds with Oscar: the extraordinary gift of an ordinary cat” he doesn’t give any strong scientific explanation for Oscar’s behavior – mainly because there isn’t any… it’s just one of them things.

    He does put forward that Oscar is able – like dogs, which can smell cancer – to detect ketones, the distinctly-odored biochemicals given off by dying cells.


    I wouldn’t want this cat to come anywhere near me! Anyway, to sum this up, a cat has a 6th sense that can tell when people are about to die… what next?!

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