• 50 Fun Facts About The Simpsons

50 Fun Facts About The Simpsons

The Simpsons family are made up of some of TV’s most-loved characters, but even if you’ve seen all the episodes, there are still going to be some fun facts you never knew about the Simpsons. Here we’ve rounded up the best facts we could find about the most popular cartoon in the world.

  1. The Simpsons family is made up of five characters: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.
  2. Matt Groening created the show and the characters, naming them after members of his own family.
  3. The Simpsons first aired on December 17, 1989.
  4. Aside from The Simpsons episodes, there was a movie released in 2007 called “The Simpsons Movie“.
  5. Bart is one of the most well-known characters in The Simpsons, but few people know his full name. Bartholomew Jojo Simpson was more commonly known as Bart, an anagram of the word ‘brat’.
  6. Danny Elfman composed the famous Simpsons theme tune in 1989, and it took him just two days to finalize.
  7. Krusty the Clown is known even to those who aren’t diehard fans of the TV show, but not everybody knows the real reason he was created. He was initially meant to be Homer’s secret identity.
  8. God is the only character who has five fingers. The rest of the characters are only seen with four.
  9. The sat nav voice with the most downloads in the world is Homer Simpson’s voice.
  10. Barbara Bush, previous First Lady of the USA, once remarked that it was the ‘dumbest thing’ she had ever seen.
  11. The producers replied to Ms Bush with a letter drafted in the voice of character Marge Simpson. The humorous tone makes fun of US politics.
  12. Waylon Smithers, Mr Burns’ assistant, was originally going to be black. Although this was unintentional, a problem with the colors might that he appeared black. The producers nearly kept this change, until there was a concern it may cause viewer complaints.
  13. The running length of the show credits will vary depending on how long the episode is. A longer episode will have shorter credits, while a shorter episode will have longer for the credits.
  14. Do the Bartman“, the single by Bart Simpson, was co-written by Michael Jackson, although he received no credit for it. This was his own request, and he was listed as John Jay Smith instead.
  15. The famous song was never released in the US, although it rocketed to the top of the charts in both the UK and Australia.
  16. In 2009, Marge Simpson was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine.
  17. Homer has an email address which is a real active account. He can be contacted on ChunkyLover53@aol.com, although senders will only receive an automated reply.
  18. The famous “d’oh” was written in the scripts as an “annoyed grunt”.
  19. The Oxford Dictionary decided that the word “d’oh” should be added, and it entered the most popular dictionary in 2001.
  20. In French, the word is translate to “T’oh”, while in the Spanish language it can be translated to “ouch”.
  21. It’s a common fact that the Simpson family lives in Springfield, but there are 34 different places with this name in America.
  22. The initial team of writers was made up of eight different people with a wide range of experience. The team was led by Sam Simon.
  23. In 1998, the Simpsons writers joined the Writers Guild of America. They went on strike with the other writers at the end of 2007.
  24. If you were hoping to buy the rights to the Simpsons any time soon, you should think again. Fox owns the rights for a while yet, and it will be 2082 before they go up for grabs again.
  25. Although the show is currently owned by Fox, the producers have permission to write without any input or hindrances from Fox. This is why the show often makes fun of the TV network.


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  1. Richard Julien 15th October 2018 at 4:19 am - Reply

    Fact 40 is incorrect! Homer VS the city of New York aired in 1997.
    Maybe it was taken out of syndication for a few years after 911.

    • Luke Ward 14th November 2018 at 4:00 pm - Reply

      Hey Richard, you’re correct here – we double checked this and yes, it was taken out of syndication for 5 years after 9/11
      We’ve updated this, thanks!

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