War & Weapons

The World War II Ace Pilot with No Legs

World War II certainly had many war heroes of it's time. One that has stood out above the rest was a man called Douglas Bader. What made him special? Well, he was a pilot - with no legs! Read all about his story and accomplishments here!

Concrete Ships of World War I & II

During any war, it’s natural for certain materials to become scarce. And this was exactly the case in both World War I and II with steel. As each war dragged on, steel became more and more scarce, and the military turned to a new resource: using cement to build their ships.

A Japanese Soldier Took 29 Years to Surrender After WWII

Of all the wars, victories, and surrenders, this story of a Japanese Lieutenant who didn't know World War II ended may just take the prize! How does a soldier hold their ground for 29 years after the war ends without finding out? We have the full story, and it's a good one!

Lizzie the Elephant, Sheffield’s WWI Industrial Mascot

During the First World War, the sheer number of steel produced in Sheffield was crucial to the military industrial machine. As such, scrap metal collecting was commonplace in Sheffield. One wartime icon of Sheffield would come from the steel industry named Lizzie the Indian Elephant!

Interesting Facts About the Vietnam War

A long war which began in 1955 and didn’t end until 1979, the Vietnam War is one of the most well-known conflicts of recent years. There are many interesting facts about the Vietnam War which many people don’t know – let’s explore some of the lesser-known facts about this period of history.

Three Times The World Almost Entered A Nuclear War

Nuclear war has been a threat hanging over the world for decades now. Luckily, we've managed to avoid it - so far. But there are a more than a few times where we certainly came close! Here are three of which that you may not have heard about until now!

Goodbye Gun Emoji, Hello Water Pistol!

With the latest release of iOS 10, many of us are excited about the new features, but there's one question on everyone's mind... what happened to the gun emoji? And why is there now a water pistol? Read on for the facts, and the birth of the water pistol emoji.

14 Facts About the Christmas Truce of 1914

The Great War of 1914-1918 saw bloodshed, heartache and devastation around the world. However, among the tragedy is the tale of the Christmas truce. This iconic moment of history tells the tale of soldiers on opposite sides coming together in a moment of peace during Christmas Day 1914.

Call of Duty: Ray Gun Facts

So anybody out there who loves sci-fi probably loves ray-guns. And if you also love the Call of Duty franchise then you must definitely be a mega-fan of Treyarch’s Ray Gun. So without further adieu, here are some cool bits of trivia about the Ray Gun and its various variants. With the Zombies mode that […]

Bin Laden’s and Saddam’s Hideouts InfoGraphic

Two of the most infamous terrorists got away with some incredibly heinous crimes in history. But how did they evade capture for so long? They both had their own hideouts. Although we may not respect them, there is still a morbid curiosity to how these two men lived in secrecy. Today we share with you […]

The Chilli Hand Grenade

A non-lethal hand grenade full with the world’s hottest chilli to be used by the army to smoke out terrorists! Indian military experts have created a fantastic grenade, one that doesn’t blow you to hell! It is crammed with ground seeds from the Bhut Jolokia, which is officially known as the hottest chilli on the […]

Hitler And The Nazis Tried To Steal Christmas

An exhibition at the National Socialism Documentation Center in Cologne has discovered that the Nazi Party attempted to steal Christmas by making glittering swastika, iron cross and toy grenade baubles for the Christmas tree. They even removed religious references from Christmas carols. Hitler made these changes to change the ways people think of Christmas, he […]