20 Crazy Ways To Cure Hiccups

20 Crazy Ways to Cure Hiccups



Everyone gets hiccups at some point in their lives, it’s totally normal.

But if you get them too often, or find them the most annoying things to ever leave your body, you should probably check out these top 20 most bizarre cures for hiccups!

Pinch your nose and drink a glass of water.

An effective method to cure hiccups is to pinch your nose and hold your breath while gulping down a glass of water.

It also work if you swallow a large amount of food at one time such as rice.

If you still have hiccups after the first attempt, you should repeat the steps again.

Usually, the hiccups will disappear with 2 – 3 attempts at most.

Eat one teaspoon of honey.

Eat one teaspoon of honey.

Add one teaspoon of honey into a glass of water.

Before drinking it, make sure you have already stirred it thoroughly.

Honey has the ability to tickle the vagus nerve and put an end to your hiccups.

Use two straws to drink a glass of water.

Fill a glass with water and put two straws in it with one of the straws pressing against the side of the glass.

After that, you are to drink the water with the two straws.

When drinking the water, make sure you gulp down as much water as possible.

Sip a teaspoon of spicy sauce.

Sip a teaspoon of spicy sauce.

Some people manage to stop their hiccups by sipping some spicy sauce such as chilli sauce.

The sauce will be so hot that it will distract you away to focus on the burning effect on your tongue.

Hold your breath while stopping your ear with your fingers.

First of all, you must inhale and exhale the air out once.

When exhaling the air, you should force out as much air as possible until you feel like you need to breath in some air again.

The next step is to hold your breathe while using your fingers to block your ear and stick your tongue out.

Eat dry cocoa powder.

Eat dry cocoa powder.

Swallowing a spoonful of cocoa powder may also help you to eliminate your hiccups.

Any chocolate drink power will work such as Milo.

Stick your tongue out hard.

You can consider sticking your tongue out hard to stimulate the vagus nerve.

Pulling your tongue out can ease the spasm on your diaphragm.

Doing so can help to get rid of any reflex problem in the mouth.

Gulp down water without holding the cup.

Gulp down water without holding the cup.

Put a cup of water on the table and drink from it without using your hand to hold it.

You are to gulp down as much water as possible when bending down to drink from the glass.

Eat sweet food.

You can eat something that is very sweet to get rid of the hiccups.

For example, you can swallow a teaspoon of sugar.

Sugar will irritate the oesophagus of your throat.

When the oesophagus is irritated, the phrenic nerve will reset and the hiccups will stop.

Eat sour food.

Eat sour food.

You can bite something that is very sour such as lemon wedge.

If you can’t stand the sour taste of the lemon, you can sprinkle some sugar onto the lemon.

If you don’t want to eat lemon, you can drink a teaspoon of vinegar.

Cough and burp.

You can try to cough or burp to stop the hiccups.

When you cough or burp, your diaphragm will become constricted and interrupt the hiccup process.

Eat peanut butter.

Eat peanut butter.

One traditional remedy for eliminating hiccups is to eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

Eating peanut butter requires a lot of chewing.

Chewing the peanut butter will interrupt your breathing pattern and stop the hiccups.

Breathe in and out of a paper bag.

You can also stop your hiccups by breathing in and out of a paper bag.

The paper bag must be put close to your mouth and seal around it tightly.

Next, you must deep breathe in and out for at least 10 times.

The faster you breathe, the more effective it will be.

Take small sips of water.

Take small sips of water.

Taking small sips of water can help to ease your hiccups.

You should try to breathe in between each of the small sips of water.

Gargling with ice water.

There are many doctors that recommend gargling with ice water to stop the hiccups.

You can add some ice cubes into the water to make it cold.

When gargling, make sure you don’t swallow the ice cubes, or you’ll have a bigger problem than hiccups!

Sniffing strong smells.

Sniffing strong smells.

Sniffing strong scented smells can cure your hiccups.

For example, sniffing the smelling salt can make changes to your breathing pattern.

Smelling the lemon wedges and vinegar can also help you to stop your hiccups.

Massaging the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

Massaging your mouth roof can help to stimulate the vagus nerve and put the spasm on your diaphragm to an end.

A cotton swab can be used to massage your mouth.

Hold and breath as you spin around.

Hold and breath as you spin around.

As you hold your breath and pinch your nose, spin around in counter-clockwise direction.

You can sing a rhyme to help you get through the rotation.

Also don’t fall over, or again, hiccups will be the least of your worries!

Drink water while holding your ear, with the opposite hands.

Use your right hand to hold your left ear and your left hand to hold your right ear.

You must hold your ear lobe gently and avoid pinching it too much.

After that, have someone hold a glass of water near to your mouth so that you can drink it.

It is a two-man job, but it’s better than telling them they need to scare the hiccups out of you!

Drink a cup of water on the floor level.

Drink a cup of water on the floor level.

Put a cup of water on the floor and bend down to drink from it.

You should keep on drinking until the hiccups stop.

If your hiccup did not stop by the time you finish drinking it, you can refill the glass with water and drink from it again.


The above are some easy, but strange ways you can try to eliminate your hiccups, in the comfort of your own home.

However, hiccups can be caused by an underlying medical condition if it happens over a prolonged period of time.

In this case, you should go for a check-up at the local hospital to see if it is normal.

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