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Whilst pizza and hamburgers may not be the healthiest of foods you could eat, they certainly taste great!

Check out these top fun facts about pizza & hamburgers – you can also scroll further down to watch the videos.

Pizza originated as a simple piece of flatbread, garnished with whatever kinds of food were readily available to the Mediterranean people.

This made pizza a quick and convenient meal for families or workers who didn’t have time for a full meal, much the same as today!

The first pizzerias were in Naples, Italy, from where the meal spread to the rest of Europe and then around the world.

Today you can find thousands of toppings from vegetables to chocolate on pizzas.

The day of the most pizza sales in the United States is Super Bowl Sunday, followed by New Year’s Eve.

Hamburgers are made of beef, not ham, and there is much debate over whether they actually originated in Hamburg.

However, the hamburger in its current form, with ground beef and a bun, is a decidedly American creation.

The largest hamburger ever created was over 8,000 pounds and was cooked for a burger festival in Wisconsin.

The people of America eat more burgers out at restaurants or on the go than they do at home.

The oldest fast-food restaurant in the world is the White Castle franchise, which opened in 1921.

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