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10 Daniel Craig Facts

If you’re a fan of James Bond, or more specifically, Daniel Craig, then check out these top ten facts and you might learn something new!

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  1. At 5’11” Daniel is the shortest actor to play the role of James Bond.
  2. He admitted his co-star Nicole Kidman ‘turns him on’.
  3. Daniel had a publicized affair with Kate Moss.
  4. His full name is Daniel Wroughton Craig.
  5. In his youth, he played rugby at Hoylake Rugby Club.
  6. Daniel has a fear of guns.
  7. He quit smoking before filming Casino Royale, but calls it a ‘constant struggle’.
  8. He is a fan of the Liverpool Football Club.
  9. A poll done by the condom brand Durex named Daniel the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 2006.
  10. He is the first actor to play James Bond that was born after the series began.

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