True Confessions Day | March 15

True Confessions Day



Confessing is usually about admitting something that makes you feel guilty.

However, it doesn’t always mean revealing something bad about yourself.

Here we’ll look at the meaning behind True Confessions Day, when it’s celebrated, and why.

What Is True Confessions Day?

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True Confessions Day is celebrated every March 15, encouraging people to reveal their secrets to reduce stress and build healthier relationships.

Thomas and Ruth Roy, a couple who owns Wellcat Holidays, started this unusual holiday. They make numerous quirky holidays to, according to their site, celebrate life and its many strange moments.

The couple also created Wellcat Herbs, selling herbal products like lip balms and essential oils.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s another day dedicated to confession called Confession Day, which is on February 19 and during Anti-Valentine’s Week.

Brief History of Confession in Religion

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People have sinned for a long time, the earliest being Adam and Eve, eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. This resulted in the original sin, or the sin everyone inherited from Adam, which can be removed through baptism.

There are different types of sins. For example, mortal sins would destroy the relationship with God, while venial sins would only weaken that relationship.

For these sins to be forgiven, one must simply confess. Confessing was done publicly before, but today, people often confess privately.

Now, different religions have their own version of confessing. For example, Islam refers to it as Tawba, while Hindus call it Prāyaścitta.

In Christianity, people often confess their sins through a priest. It’s typically done inside a confessional, a small room divided by a screen, where a priest listens to confessions.

How to Celebrate True Confessions Day

Three friends confessing to each other

Play Question Games

Question games are a fun way to reveal your secrets. You can do it with a group of friends or with your partner.

Either way, it encourages you to reveal your secrets since everyone who’s part of the game also has the chance to tell their secret to you!

Some question games to try would be Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare.

Confess Anonymously on Reddit

If you want an easy way to confess something, having little to no fear or regrets, then anonymously sharing your secret on Reddit would be ideal.

Many people have revealed their secrets on Reddit, ranging from disturbing confessions that would make you shiver to love confessions that would leave a smile on your face.

You can post your anonymous confessions on Reddit’s subreddits, like r/confessions and r/loveconfessions.

Have an Open Forum

Unlike question games, an open forum is a more serious way of confessing.

Having an open forum would help if you want to get something off your chest, may it be telling a fact about yourself that you’ve hidden for the past few years or opening up about a problem you’ve been secretly dealing with a friend.

Doing this might make you shed a tear, but at least you’ll finally speak what’s on your mind.

Questions About Confessing Your Feelings

A phone taking a photo of a love heart

How do I confess my feelings to my crush?

You can confess your feelings by texting, writing a letter, or saying it in person.

But regardless of how you want to confess your feelings, you should be genuine and honest about how you feel.

You can practice what you want to say to alleviate the pressure of confessing in person.

Finally, find the right moment to confess your feelings, typically somewhere private, and don’t overthink whether your crush will like you back. You won’t know if you don’t try!

Should I confess my feelings via text or in person?

Confessing your feelings in person is more memorable than confessing through text. Plus, it lets you see your crush’s reaction and body language.

However, if you’re shy or unable to see them in real life, sending a text message to confess your feelings would suffice. You also prevent pressuring your crush via text since they have more time to think about their response.

5 Fast Facts About Confession in Criminal Law

A criminal making a confession on video camera

Confessing a crime can only be used as evidence if the confession is made voluntarily. Therefore, if a confession is true but made involuntarily, it will not be used as evidence in the trial.

Confession alone isn’t enough to be declared guilty of a crime. Aside from confession (direct evidence), other types of evidence are also needed in a trial, such as weapons (physical evidence), fingerprints (indirect evidence), and screenshots (electronic evidence).

Confession isn’t enough for a person to be convicted. One of the leading causes of wrongful conviction is a false confession. It’s when a person admits to a crime they didn’t do. A common reason for a false confession is because of pressure from the police, but making a false confession can either result in paying fines or imprisonment.

Even though people accused of a crime have the right against self-incrimination, some people still confess their crimes due to a promise of leniency or plea bargaining, which is done to make a person’s punishment less severe. However, the problem with this is that it increases the risk of false confession.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, various forms of torture were used to extract a confession. Fortunately, it’s not tolerated anymore and is considered morally wrong.

In Conclusion

Use True Confessions Day as a source of courage to reveal secrets that can free you. But it’s worth noting that confessing can be a double-edged sword since it can also make you feel regretful.

So, think carefully before revealing something to other people.

Giving true confessions may make you uncomfortable, but it’s a positive step and a sign that you are growing!

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