5 Fun Facts About Washing Machines

Washing Machine Facts



Many of us use washing machines every day, or at least make our parents use them… but do we know any facts about washing machines?

Personally, all I knew was that if you push the start button it gives you clean clothes!

Check out these fun facts about washing machines.

The washing machine, in the powered version that we know it, has existed since 1908, though there were previous incarnations as well.

Before that, washing machines were hand-powered or, prior to that, simply boards or rocks that clothing was scraped against.

A huge majority of the socks that are lost in the United States disappear in washing machines, although there are no solid theories as to why.

Washing machines that load from the front, rather than from the top, are more efficient and clean their loads better.

Almost a quarter of the water used in the United States is used by our washing machines.

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