Facts About The Third Generation Starter Pokémon

Third Gen Starter Pokemon Facts



Ash Ketchum was alone as he arrived in the Hoenn region on his search to capture Pokémon and be a trainer.

It wasn’t long before he met Pokémon Coordinator May, and her little brother Max, who became a friend to all Pokémon.

After leaving, Brock returned to the group.

Welcome to the Hoenn region and welcome to the new starter Pokémon!

Who will join you on your journey?


Treecko is the first grass type. It is classed as a wood gecko.

Its name literally means tree gecko.

Green in color, Treecko is a reptilian that can scale walls with the spikes in its hands and feet.

While territorial, Treecko is usually calm and uses its tail to predict the weather.

Treecko evolves into Grovyle. Grovyle, in turn, evolves into Sceptile.

This was Ash’s second Pokémon that he caught in the Hoeen region. After Ash helped him secure his woodland home, he agreed to battle Pikachu, and eventually joined him.

This is also Ash’s first fully evolved grass Pokémon.


Torchic is a fire type. It is classed as a chick Pokémon.

Its name literally means torch chick.

Torchic is an orange and yellow chick, with underdeveloped wings.

Males have small black specks near their wings, while the females do not.

Torchic evolves into Combusken. Combusken, in turn, evolves into Blaziken.

This is a starter Pokémon that Ash didn’t own. In fact, it was his friend, May’s.

May chose her Torchic due to its cute appearance and sweet nature. May was intimidated by Treecko, while Mudkip (see next section) blew water at her face.

When May ignored her Torchic for Beautifly, Torchic changed dramatically. It was due to this change that it evolved into Combusken and learnt Fire Spin and Sky Uppercut.


Mudkip is the last water type. It is classed as a mud fish.

Its name is the shortened form of mudskipper – an amphibian which uses his front fins to walk on land.

Mudkip is a blue amphibian, which bears a close resemblance to its natural counterpart, including fins on its head and tail.

It uses the fin on its head to detect changes in the air, bodies of water, currents and danger.

It evolves into Marshtomp. Marshtomp, in turn, evolves into Swampert.

This is a starter Pokémon that Ash Ketchum did not own. In fact, it was his friend, Brock’s.

Brock watched his Mudkip hatch from an egg, where he decided to care and nurture it. However, it took a while for Brock to earn its trust.

Eventually it overcame its wariness, and became very friendly.

So friendly, that when it evolved into Marshtomp, it soon became as flirty as its owner.

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