While zombies may not exist (yet), there has been an astounding amount of fiction surrounding these creatures. The idea is certainly fascinating, but even so, we hope they stay in the books and movies!

Meanwhile, we have all the intriguing ideas about the living dead here!

Are zombies biologically possible?

Are Zombies Biologically Possible?

Did you know that the Ophiocordyceps fungus can turn a dead insect into a zombie by releasing spores into its brain?

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Facts about zombies

13 Gruesome Facts About Zombies

The Ancient Greeks feared zombies so much that they used to weigh their dead down with heavy rocks.

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Carol Peletier Facts

Facts About Melissa McBride | Carol Peletier

Melissa McBride (also known as Carol in The Walking Dead) originally wanted to become a fashion designer.

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Walt Jr's Car - Breaking Bad

The Walking Dead & Breaking Bad Prequel Theory is Wrong

The car Walter bought Walt Jr. in Breaking Bad is the same as Glenn's getaway car in the 2nd episode of The Walking Dead.

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Steven Yeun Facts

30 Facts About Steven Yeun | Glenn Rhee

Steven Yeun, who played Glenn in The Walking Dead, graduated from Kalamazoo College with a Bachelor degree in psychology.

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Call of Duty - Ray Gun Facts

Call of Duty: Ray Gun Facts

One of the first times anything remotely resembled a ray-gun appeared was in H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds in 1989.

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Andrew Lincoln Facts

Stuff & Thangs About Andrew Lincoln | Rick Grimes

Due to the demanding work schedule of The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln didn’t need a trainer to stay in shape.

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Blinking Facts

A Few Brief Facts About Blinking

The average person blinks about 11,500 times per day or about 4.2 million times per year.

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Facts About Norman Reedus

Facts About Norman Reedus | Daryl Dixon

Norman Reedus had four screws inserted in his nose area, as well as a titanium eye socket as a result of a car accident.

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World Zombie Day

World Zombie Day | October 13

The first Zombie Walk took place at Monroeville Mall, which is the location where George Romero filmed Dawn of the Dead.

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