5 Animals That Get Drunk in the Wild

Drinking is one of mankind’s oldest pastimes. Did you know that the world’s oldest known recipe is one for beer? That’s right; alcohol has a long history and a great significance in mankind’s modern society - but what about in the animal kingdom? Well, lets take a look!

15 Fascinating Facts About Foxes

The sport of fox hunting is still controversial today. But the bigger controversy is whether or not a fox is related to a cat or a dog. Find out here along with the sound a fox actually makes! If you love foxes here are 15 fun, fascinating facts about foxes!

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100 Cute Facts About Cats & Kittens

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Stop. Hamster Time! 19 Cute Hamster Facts

Hamsters are adorable little creatures. Many Children choose to have them as pets and it’s not hard to see why. Hamsters are typically small beady-eyed rodents with tiny feet and tiny rounded ears, they're plump, fluffy and soft to hold. So if you love hamsters, here's 19 fun facts!

Ever Wondered What the Opposite of an Albino Animal is?

Albino animals look like they do because of a lack of melanin in their skin. The opposite condition is therefore caused by too much melanin in the skin, and is known as melanism. Check out the facts about these all-black animals!

30 Most Random Facts About Giraffes

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30 Most Incredible Facts About Camels

Most of us know two things about camels - they have humps on their back and they spit at people. Thousands of people list riding a camel as one of their life goals, but how many of us actually know something interesting about these amazing creatures?

100 Facts About Dogs, Puppies & Bitches

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and are one of the most popular household pets in the world. After all, what's not to love about our canine friends? They're cuddly, fun-loving and have earned a reputation as man's best friend over the centuries. However, there are still plenty of facts we don't know about our pooches...

25 Amazing Facts About Zebras

Zebras are one of the many beautiful creatures inhabiting Africa. Many people know them for their iconic stripes and the never ending riddle about them being black with white stripes, or white with black stripes. Here are a handful of facts you might or might not know about these striped horses. The zebra is actually […]

30 Fun Facts About Lemurs

The world is full of fascinating & unique mammals, but what makes lemurs one of these amazing creatures? Check out these top thirty interesting lemur facts below, enjoy! The name Lemur is actually Latin for “spirits of the night”. Ring-tailed Lemurs spend a lot more time on the ground than other species of lemur. The […]

Cool Facts About Snow Leopards

Snow leopards may be considered among the most beautiful creatures on this planet, but they’re also an interesting member of the cat family. Check out the facts below! Snow leopards are unique and have many factors that separate them from the other big cats in the world. For starters, snow leopards are unusual in the […]