Have you ever wanted a way to get rid of that pesky sunburn or simply wanted a few moments to relax without that burning pain? Look no further!

Here are 10 strange ways to deal with that dreaded sunburn.

How about a milky bath?
It has been known for people suffering with sunburn to resort to filling an entire bath with milk and to climb in!

By taking the milk straight from the fridge the coolness will help to soothe the heat and the milk will then create an extra layer of protein on the skin to help protect it.

If you don’t want to sit in a bath of milk, try getting a flannel and soaking it in milk. Lay the flannel across the inflicted area and let the milk soak in.

What about patting potatoes?

The patting potato technique has been used worldwide and is actually a very popular way of helping sunburn, although that does not stop it being very strange.

Take a couple of potatoes, and cut them into small pieces. Place them in a blender, and blend. Once they are in a liquid form, pat the burned area with the potato mixture.

Let it all dry and then take a shower to get it all off!

The potatoes are said to be great for pain relief.

Would you like some vinegar?

This sounds super painful, putting vinegar onto sunburn. However, people for hundreds of years have used vinegar to help heal the skin.

There is no research to show us what it is that helps heal the skin but after taking a cool shower, spraying apple cider vinegar onto the area and letting it dry apparently helps the skin to heal.

How about a nice corn-starch mixture?

This works well with corn-starch or baking soda. Adding water and mixing until reaching a paste like consistency.

Put this onto the burn and leave until the pain has lessened. Make sure you rinse it off thoroughly.

Both of these can help rid the pain and also have an ability of lessening the redness.

Would you like some porridge?

It has been said that avenanthramides, which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound found in oats helps to soothe the skin.

Ground a cup of unflavored oats until it reaches a smooth consistency. Add this to some bath water. Make sure to rub the mixture over the burn also and wash off thoroughly.

You can also add some egg whites to the mixture if you fancy!

Frozen veg?

This is a very common and strange way to deal with sunburn.

By simply going to the freezer, grabbing a big bag of frozen peas, sweetcorn or whatever it is that takes your fancy. Wrapping that in a tea towel, and placing it on the burn.

The coolness will help to soothe and relax the burned area.

However, you may have to move it every so often to stop you going numb and maybe replace the veg for a different one before it defrosts completely!

How about a nice cold ice cube?

This is a very simple way of dealing with sunburn however you would probably look very odd if someone saw you!

Take an ice cube or a few ice cubes and place them into a small cloth so they don’t stick to your skin.

Rub this on the inflicted area and replace as and when it is needed. This will help to soothe and cool the area.


Using non-fat yoghurt and applying it to the area is a natural and relaxing way to deal with sunburn.

Again this is another one that will make you look very strange if any one sees you, however you will get immediate pain relief from that lovely yoghurt.

Lettuce sounds like a plan!?

Grab some lettuce out of the fridge and boil the leaves in water. Let the liquid cool in the fridge for several hours and then apply to the skin.

This will help soothe the sunburn.

Tea bags for your eyelids?

This is the strangest way to deal with your sunburn but it is also known to be very healing. By letting the tea bags soak in cool water, this lets the tannic acid in black tea to be released.

Then simply place the teabags on the eyelids. This will help reduce swelling created by sunburn and will remove the heat and pain you are feeling.


Some of these strange ways to deal with sunburn are certain to help you in times of desperate burning need. They also allow you to have a little snack alongside the pain!

However, maybe it’s best to avoid getting sunburn rather than have a smelly milky bath, or smelling like vinegar…