Smoking’s Effect On The Environment [Infographic]

Smoking's Effect On The Environment



You’re probably well aware of the effects smoking can have on the human body. So many legislations have made the dangers very clear, from banning smoking indoors to strict advertising rules and even the design and packaging of cigarettes.

You might be interested to know however, that smoking also has an effect on the world around you.

Second hand smoke isn’t just dangerous if it’s happening right beside you for example.

Cigarettes give off two atmosphere polluting chemicals, carbon dioxide and methane. And the culmination of so many smokers releasing these gasses… Well, it all adds up.

Land and sea are also in the firing line and the manufacturing process causes a lot of pollution before a single cigarette even reaches the customer.

In this infographic, we delve further into the different ways in which smoking has an effect on the environment.

It’s probably something you’ve never really thought much about, but it makes an interesting read and sheds light on a problem that doesn’t usually get a lot attention.

Smoking's Effect On The Environment Infographic

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