How The Sun Controls Nature Infographic

How The Sun Controls Nature



No matter what habitat or species of animal, life ultimately requires a source of light in order to survive and flourish.

Light is responsible for much of the behavior of various forms of life, yet is probably not something you’ll have given much thought to.

Fortunately, The Solar Center’s latest infographic sheds some light (pun intended!) on the role light plays in nature.

Whether at the depths of the sea, or flying overhead, the behavior of animals is heavily influenced by the Sun.

Some animals evolve communicative strategies where sunlight is absent, while others use sunlight for celestial clues as to the way in which they should migrate and move across the world.

With this in mind, did you know that studies show that under clear skies migrating birds are able to successfully navigate, while the success rate is lowered when it is overcast?!

Light can also impact evolutionary routes, and with light pollution becoming an increasing issue it’s interesting to see the impact this has on certain species.

Check out this fun infographic below on how the sun controls nature!

How The Sun Controls Nature

How the Sun Controls Nature Infographic

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