National Frappé Day | October 7

National Frappé Day



National Frappé Day takes place on October 7 each year to celebrate this popular drink.

The frappé has become so admired worldwide that it now has its very own day dedicated to it – giving lovers of this delicious drink an excuse to have another one.

It doesn’t need to be National Frappé Day for you to enjoy this delicious coffee drink, but if you haven’t tried one before, maybe this is a sign that you should.

And if you’re already a frappé fan but you haven’t introduced your friends and family to this delicious drink yet, what better day to do it than October 7?

History of National Frappé Day.

Four delicious looking frappés

The first frappé was made back in 1957 by Dimitris Vakondios.

Dimitris was a Greek employee of the food and drinks company Nestlé, who accidentally created the drink during the International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki.

At the fair, Dimitris Vakondios was marketing for Nestlé, in particular showcasing a new chocolate drink.

Aimed primarily at children, the drink was similar to a cold version of hot chocolate, mixed in a shaker with cold water and ice.

While taking a break from work, Dimitris Vakondios found himself without any hot water to make his classic Nescafé coffee.

Instead, he tried adding the coffee to a shaker with cold water and ice.

And thus, the first frappé (meaning “shaken” or “stirred”) came into existence.

It has gone from strength to strength throughout the decades to become one of America’s most popular drinks today.

First marketed in the 1980s and immensely popular on the menus of coffee shops by the 1990s, the frappé has been adopted as Greece’s national coffee and has become one of America’s go-to beverages.

With the introduction of National Frappé Day, there is now a perfect reason to indulge in a frappé or two!

How to celebrate National Frappé Day.

A woman drinking a frappé while working on her iPad

Make your own frappé.

What better way to merge your barista skills with your favorite drink than to create your very own frappé?

If you want to celebrate National Frappé Day in style and share your newfound skills with others, you can invite friends and family to come and sample your new recipe.

Be a kind stranger.

Are you heading down to your local coffee shop to buy a frappé on October 7?

Why not share the frappé love with a stranger?

You could purchase an extra one for somebody you’ve never met or offer to pay for the customer on either side of you in the queue.

Try a new frappé.

Even the keenest and most open-minded frappé lovers tend to order their favorite flavor more than any other option.

On National Frappé Day, it’s your chance to shake things up (literally!) and try out a completely new flavor.

You could ask the barista to add something different and adventurous or revisit your former favorite frappé for a change.

National Frappé Day FAQs.

A delicious chocolate Oreo frappé

When were frappés first sold?

Despite being invented in 1957 by Nestlé employee Dimitris Vakondios, the frappé didn’t officially hit the coffee shops until around thirty years later.

Boston-based Coffee Connection added it to their menu in the 1980s, while Nestlé ran an extensive marketing campaign towards the end of the century.

How has the frappé changed?

Since its creation, the frappé has included many different ingredients, with chocolate, strawberry, caramel, and coffee among the most popular flavors.

A traditional Greek frappé does not contain milk or ice cream, while many versions in the USA do.

How can I make my own frappé?

Making your own frappé is simple – mix coffee with cold water and ice in a shaker, along with any other ingredients, such as flavored syrup, sugar, or milk, to suit your taste.

Why we love National Frappé Day.

A woman smiling while she enjoys a strawberry frappé

  1. National Frappé Day is the perfect day to try out a new frappé, treat yourself to an extra drink during the week, or just revel in how much you love your favorite frappé!
  2. Having a national day dedicated to a specific drink is a great way to market these products if you’re a small business, and it’s even more reason to support your local coffee shop and other vendors. You could even suggest that your local coffee shops offer a discount or limited edition frappé for the day.
  3. Instagram and other social media platforms are often filled with stunning photos of tantalizing frappés, shared by fans of this drink from all over the country – providing you with tons of frappé inspiration and connecting you with other frappé lovers from near and far!

National Frappé Day is a wonderful opportunity for frappé drinkers and frappé sellers alike.

Get yourself a frappé today and give businesses the chance to capitalize on the opportunities of this delicious day.

Or, simply make yourself a frappé and enjoy all that this fun-filled date has to offer.

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