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Mace Windu is one of the most badass Jedis to set foot in a Star Wars film, as well as being played by one of the most badass actors ever to grace the silver screen.

So without further adieu, here some cool facts about both the character and the actor who bought him to life.

Mace Windu is one of the greatest and most powerful Jedis ever to have lived.

Mace Windu with a purple saber

Born on the planet Haruun Kal, Mace was given to the Jedi Order at six months old, as both his parents had died in the planet’s jungles.

Back on Crouscant, Mace was given his name by the Order and trained by Grand Master Yoda, as all younglings are.

Mace Windu has many abilities linked to The Force that no other Jedis seem to possess.

Mace Windu sat with his hands clutched together

He is seen to have the ability to smash bulletproof glass with his mind, he can beat a robot to destruction with only his fists and he even Force-crushed General Grevious’s chest, giving the General his trademark cough.

But Mace discovered the most powerful and unique of his abilities at an early age.

This was the ability to see shatterpoints in The Force.

These shatterpoints allowed him to catch glimpses of the future and events surrounding him and his future enemies.

One such thing that Mace glimpsed through these shatterpoints was a violet-colored lightsaber that he would one day wield.

Plagued by shatterpoint-visions of this unique lightsaber, Mace, now 14, was sent on his own by the Jedi Order to the world of Hurikane to gather the materials needed to construct the blade.

It was here that Mace was given a special Violet-colored crystal by the planet’s natives, which allowed him to construct the lightsaber he had seen in his visions.

Naturally gifted in The Force, Mace passed the trials at a young age.

Mace Windu with a white saber

At the remarkably young age of 28, Mace became a senior member of the Jedi Council, and the hilt of his lightsaber was decorated with electrum, a rare and precious metal.

Mace soon became Mater of The Order and leader of the Jedi Council, and second only in the Jedi Order to Master Yoda.

However, Mace handed control of the Jedi Council to Yoda after the Battle of Geonosis, where he led over 200 Jedis into combat and slew the infamous bounty-hunter Jango Fett.

Mace created a new variant of lightsaber combat that was previously used only by Siths.

Mace Windu with a blue saber

Form VII has two variations, Juyo and Vaapad. Vaapad is the form developed by Mace.

In his own words “Vaapad is more than a fighting style. It is a state of mind, a path that leads through the penumbra of the dark side.”

Vaapad requires the user to enjoy their fight, and relish the satisfaction of winning.

Often frowned upon by many Jedi, Vaapad was warned to lead the user perilously close to the darkside.

Okay, so enough about the character, how about the actor who bought him to life – the great Samuel L. Jackson.

Mace Windu’s violet-colored lightsaber was given by request.

Mace Windu staring intently

In George Lucas’ first edition of the prequel series, Mace wielded just a regular lightsaber.

After filming the Battle of Geonosis, Samuel L. Jackson watched the scene back and had trouble picking himself out from the other hundreds of Jedis.

Disappointed, he approached George Lucas.

“You think maybe I can get a purple lightsaber?” He asked him. At first Lucas wasn’t keen on the idea, stating Jedis only have green or blue lightsabers, but Jackson said “Yeah, but I want a purple one. I’m like the second baddest Jedi in the universe next to Yoda”.

Eventually when Jackson came back to re-shoot, Lucas had his purple lightsaber.

Jackson was pleased: “There’s like 300 lightsabers, and I’m like, There I am, right there!’”

Jackson did also ask for the initials BMF (Bad Mother Fu**er) to be inscribed on the hilt of his lightsaber, but this request Lucas did deny.

Samuel Jackson didn’t want Mace to “die like some punk”.

Mace Windu thinking

Jackson once went on record in an interview as saying he didn’t want Mace Windu to die “like some punk”.

So when writing Mace’s death-scene, Lucas repeatedly spoke to Jackson to ask him if the death was good enough, and if he wanted anything more.

So you tell me; is getting Force-lightening’d to death, whilst having your arm chopped off then flung out of a building 100’s of feet tall good enough for Mace?

Jackson certainly thought so.

Samuel Jackson loves playing Mace Windu… a lot!

Mace Windu with Yoda

Sam Jackson has said before how he really enjoyed playing Mace Windu, so much so that he voiced the character in all the Star Wars spin-off animated series, and has said before that he would love to come back for a future episode.

When asked if he would ever return he responded enthusiastically “Hell yeah! I could do that or be a ghost hologram. I don’t care. I just want to stay associated with the franchise.”

I hope you all enjoyed these facts people, and may The Force be with you.

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