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What could be a more global concept than life and love? Fortunately, this topic covers facts that everyone will find interesting!

Here we have facts about the most romantic time of the year, Valentine’s Day, dating, chocolate, and how to live life to the full!

Human Heart Facts

10 Facts About the Human Heart

The average heart beats 80 times a minute! This adds up to around 115,000 times a day, or 42 million times a year.

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Facts About Roses

Roses: What Color Should You Give and How Many?

Did you know that gifting yellow roses signifies care, delight, friendship, joy and new beginnings?

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Why We Wear Wedding Rings on Third Finger

Why Are Wedding Rings Worn on Third Finger?

Wedding rings have been in use since the time of the Egyptians, though they became widely popular in the 9th Century.

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Most Common Baby Name

Most Common Baby Name in 2010

Among the top 50 baby names in 2010 was Alexander for boys, and Elizabeth for girls.

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Ming Ming's Ears saved his life

Six-Year-Old Boy’s Ears Saves His Life!

Ming Ming - a six-year-old boy from China, fell from a window only to catch his ears in a metal grate, which saved his life.

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How Much Time People Spend Doing Things

How Much Time People Spend Doing Stuff In Their Lifetime

The average person spends five years throughout their lifetime waiting in lines and queues.

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Exploding Office Chair

Exploding Office Chair Kills Boy

A 14-year-old boy in China died when his chair exploded, which sent large pieces of metal into his rectum.

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