“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” This infamous quote is known by pretty much everyone. But just how much history do you actually know? Certainly, you know the basics, but there is even much left to be learned about those.

With a topic like history, there are hours of facts here that will be both educational and mind-blowing!

Why We Remember the 5th November

Why We Remember The Fifth Of November

“Remember, remember the fifth of November” the saying goes. But what are we remembering in the first place? We all know the 5th of November is Bonfire night, well here is the full history of this special day of the year.

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Sniffer Rats

Sniffer-Rats To Detect Landmines

We have all heard of sniffer dogs used in the line of service, we all know about sniffer pigs too to help find truffles, but did you know there are also sniffer rats? Believe it or not, they are a good option to unearth hidden landmines.

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Light Bulb

Thomas Edison Wasn’t So Bright After All

We all think of Thomas Edison as the guys who created the light bulb back in 1879, don’t we? Well, what if I were to tell you that he actually wasn’t the person to invent this? I know, shocker, right? Let’s learn more about who did!

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Was Humpty Dumpty an Egg?

Was Humpty Dumpty An Egg?

We all know the story of how Humpty Dumpty... but what if I told you Humpty Dumpty was not even an egg? I imagine many of you are scratching your heads right now. Let’s do some digging and find out the real meaning of this famous tale.

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