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Hayes Grier Facts



You may have seen his Vines or YouTube videos, but there’s more to Hayes Grier than meets the eye.

Here is a list of quick facts that you should know about internet star Hayes Grier.

His full name is Benjamin Hayes Grier and he was born in New York, USA.

Hayes Grier is 24 years old and was born on June 8, 2000. His star sign is Gemini.

Hayes Grier is a popular Vine star and the brother of Nash Grier, another internet star. Hayes has stated that his brother is his role model.

As well as his famous brother, he has an older brother called Will and a sister called Skylynn who has featured in a few of his videos.

Hayes has a pet dog called Zan, he often tweets photos with him.

Hayes Grier & Zan

He became famous at the same time as his brother, and their Vine popularity was skyrocketed after Tiffiny Semashko retweeted one of their videos.

Hayes was also a part of Magcon – a popular group consisting of several Vine stars.

Hayes Grier appeared on Dancing With The Stars in 2015 and was partnered with Emma Slater. The pair finished in 8th place after seven weeks of competing.

He supports the Florida Gators, a team for which his brother Will was a quarterback.

Despite being born in New York, he grew up in North Carolina and has spent most of his life there.

Hayes is a fan of thrills, and loves going to amusement parks and driving jet skis whenever he gets the opportunity.

When asked about his favorite colors, Hayes Grier said that he likes red & blue, however when asked what color crayon he would be, he remarked that he would be yellow since it really stands out from the other colors.

He enjoys sports, and takes part in lacrosse and football. Following in the footsteps of his brother Will, he is the quarterback for his school’s team.

Hayes Grier is 5′ 9″ tall (1.75 meters). In 2016, Hayes said that he prefers girls who are shorter than him.

When out shopping, Hayes Grier can be found buying clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren, his favorite brand.

30 Hayes Grier Facts

He doesn’t mind rainy days, but loves spending time in sunny California too.

Since the start of his Vine career, it is thought that he has gained an average of 100,000 followers every single week.

After posting several videos which could be construed as being racist, the Grier brothers started the hashtag ‘#notaracist’ to prevent causing offense to their viewers.

Hayes Grier’s father Chad coaches football at the school which Nash attends. He was worried at first that the internet popularity might be a bit too much for his sons.

He wants to have kids at some point, but he said in 2015 that he didn’t want them for a long while yet.

Hayes’ favorite animal is a tiger.

He said that his favorite number has always been 7.

His eyes are naturally blue even though people often think he wears colored contact lenses.

In a Q & A session, he claimed to read 2-3 books every single day.

If he could have a superpower, he would choose to have super-speed. He would rather have this than invisibility.

He owns a red pennyboard which he likes to spend time on to stay active.

Hayes Grier is a fan of music, and loves listening to country music in particular.

Hayes likes a good adventure, and enjoys winter sports including snowboarding.

You can follow his Twitter account @HayesGrier.

Hayes has many, many Snapchat names… try adding: thehayesgrier3, thhayesgrier or yaboyhayesg.

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